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Yesterday morning a friend of mine and I walked the Cooper River Bridge here in Charleston.  For those of you who are locals you will know what this is all about.  For my readers from off, sit a spell, and I shall weave a tapestry of words to enlighten you.

The Cooper River Bridge (officially called the Ravenel Bridge) spans the Cooper River, the mouth to Charleston Harbor, and Town Creek between Downtown Charleston and Mount Pleasant.  It is a pretty awesome sight and has become a symbol of the City.  You can see the sail shaped towers from all over the area.

One of the best things they did in the construction of this bridge is to include a pedestrian and bicycle lane for those of us who are willing to get out of the house and be active. Ok, ok. I wasn’t that person until just recently. The bike and pedestrian lane is 2.7 miles long and according to the department of transportation website, the section on the Mount Pleasant side, where I started, has a section three tenths of a mile long that has a 5.6% slope.  That is a nice rise, but I did not feel like it was too demanding.  As a matter of fact I did get a bit winded but I never stopped.  Once you reach the crescendo, the views of the City and Patriot’s Point are just unbeatable.

We walked for almost an hour which got us from the Mount Pleasant side to just over Drum Island and back.  It was a quick pace but not a trot.  According to my heart monitor it was around 800 calories burned.  I know that it isnt 100% accurate, but it was still a good workout.  I encourage those of you locals to get out and try it if you haven’t.  It is well worth the price of admission (free).

Here are a few snaps:


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  • Reed Ellis

    You are doing great! I am really enjoying reading your posts. You are a good writer and should really put this stuff together into a book at the end of your journey. The pics of the bridge made me home sick and excited to be going back to SC in just over a month! We hope to catch up with you guys and meet your special kiddos while we are there.

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