Week 78 – One Legged Man in a Wheelchair

Hello shareholders, my faithful readers and followers of mine.

I wish I had some incredible weight loss news to post but I don’t.  Oh wait! I do have some incredible weight loss news! I have a guaranteed weight loss remedy that I posted yesterday. Go read it.

And now in other news…

I ran the James Island Connector 10k last Saturday with my homeslice Jason T and my new homie Caroline C (last names shortened to protect the innocent).

My time was just under 1:05 which I was disappointed with. I really wanted to get under an hour. I’m such a weirdo. Two years ago I got out of breath if a thought ran through my head and now I am complaining about a 1:05 10k. Leave a comment below telling me that I am being silly.

For those of you that know my penchant for funny race pictures, see proof in the pudding from last week’s race…

So on Wednesday I posted a satirical blog that featured a picture of a one legged man in a wheelchair. It did not strike me when I did it that I would be writing this post today. Life is a funny thing sometimes. I want to tell you about something that happened during the James Island race that was cool, crazy, incredible, humbling, inspiring.

As I was coming over and down the second of three spans on the bridge, I heard a noise coming up behind me. I wasn’t sure what it was because it sounded like someone rolling something. To my astonishment, it WAS someone rolling something. The something that the someone was rolling was actually the someone himself. It was a man with one leg, in what I will refer to as a murderball type wheelchair. Google murderball and you will see what I am talking about. Here I was being passed by a man in a wheelchair during a race. My head was clear and I was feeling awesome, and while that occurrence might have made others feel bad about themselves, I could not help but think that this was one of the coolest and most inspirational things I had ever witnessed.

I passed him going up the third span but when I made the turn and started heading back (it was an out and back race) he caught back up with me on the downhill side of the next span.  I also had caught up to my friend Jason by that time. He was also amazed that this guy was doing a 10k race in a wheelchair AND he was most likely going to beat us!  As we reached the last uphill span, Jason was running next to the guy and asked his name and then told him that he was an inspiration for us all and the he was most likely going to have a sub-hour 10k. Travis, in all innocence, said, “Under an hour? Is that a good time? This is my first race.” Wow. First race. Sub-hour 10k. Wheelchair. Nice. Humble. Travis is my new hero.

We all think that there are things in life that hold us back from being able to do what we want to do. But sometimes the reality is that what we THINK and what is REAL are two different things. Travis doesn’t let something as simple as NOT HAVING A LEG get in his way of racing. This should really challenge us all to reconsider what we THINK our “impediments” are.

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7 comments to Week 78 – One Legged Man in a Wheelchair

  • Tess @ Cross Country Cajun
    Twitter: CCCajun

    As requested, this is me telling you that you are being silly. 1:05 is an amazing time and you have come so far! You will keep getting faster – promise.

    I think you should do an entire post on awesome race pictures. You definitely could give those of us who lean on the side of always horrible race pictures some pointers!

    I love your message about not letting things stand in our way!

  • And I am worried about running 17… Which I am but i am rethinking my worrying ways when I read about people who physically struggle and then rethink my situation that there is NOTHING wrong with my legs.. Just my attitude of I can’t do this by myself when these people would give anything to do what I can. I suck.

  • People like that constantly inspire me. There is a guy who runs 10Ks and half marathons around here. Always wears an old Marine shirt and must be late 60s to early 70s. He dominates. When I am healthy I am an average runner, not fast, but not slow and he kills me every time. People like that are so inspiring.

  • Liz

    Hank, you are crazy! A 1:06 time for 10K is great. Bravo, sir, bravo.

  • Trey

    Sorry to report that you are only the second-most inspirational person in this post, Hank. Better luck next time!

  • Thea @ It's Me Vs. Me
    Twitter: itsmevsme

    I’m going to go ahead and say it’s o.k. to be disappointed in your time. But don’t dwell on it. I had a disappointing race this weekend, I’ll admit it, but I’m trying to move on from it. You should, too.

    People with disabilities…any kind…amaze me when they get out and do the things they do. They make me want to be a better person and stuff.

  • Brad Gouthro
    Twitter: bradgouthro

    You’re bring silly. Nice time my man.

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