Bariatric Consultation


The other day I posted a little bit about what has led up to where I am now.  I ended the post by saying that I set up a consultation with a bariatric surgeon.  For those who don’t know, bariatric surgery is gastric bypass

Watching What you Eat


Watching what you eat is such a cliche. Right? I hear people say all the time, “I am watching what I am eating.”  I mean seriously, I have said it a thousand times.

Here is what I figured out though.  I always watch what

Rode My Bike To Work Today


It was a cool day in Charleston so I rode my bike to work today.  It really isn’t all that far, but it is a calorie burner non-the-less. According to Google Earth it is approximately 1.1 miles. According to some calculations I ran through

Lets Back this Up a Bit


So I have been the big boy all of my life…well, as long as I can remember anyway.

I have always been somewhat of a hoss.  Growing up it was more like I was “big” but not necessarily “fat.” Middle school was when I

Stuff Fat People Do: The Knee Stretch


In this category I am going to post humorous little things that I (or others) have done that “normal” weight people probably don’t do.

This post is about something that I do on a regular basis.  I call it the “Knee Stretch,” also known

Challenges: I Like Beer and I’m a Snob


I like beer and I am a huge beer snob.

I like dark, full flavor beers.  My favorite beers are New Belgian Brewing’s 1554 and Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

People who read my Plank in

Not Wanting Obese Children

childhood obesity

“A new study… shows that obese parents are far more likely to have obese children than normal-weight parents…”

That should be all the motivation I need.

I am potentially setting my children up for failure if I do not lose weight.  I do not

Running on the Treadmill


My current workout routine consists solely of pounding the rotating rubber.  I am doing this 4 to 5 times per week.

I am a big guy so I cannot run for 30 minutes straight right now. I will get to that point but,

Week One Recap

This is not considered exercise.

Well 10 pounds in the first week felt great.  I mean it really helped get me pumped up even more. I am feeling really motivated and psychologically on fire.  I will post in a few days about one of my most serious attempts to

Weigh-In: Week 1 (5-12-2011)


Week of 05-05 through 05-12 in the year of our Lord 2011

This is the first weigh-in of the rest of my life.  I think I will start every weigh-in post like that. Well after one week on the business plan my first weigh-in

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