Roll Out

I have been swimming and biking and running a lot lately. Are you tired of hearing about it? Good, because I have so much more to say about it… Well, maybe not “so much more.” But I am sure that I will have some incredible things to say as soon as I am not tired, and my arms don’t hurt, and my butt doesn’t hurt. Go ahead, I set myself up for that one…


So all of this activity has led to a few truths in my life. Some of the side affects of moving this much are 1) getting fit, 2) losing weight, 3) becoming awesome, and 4) the other stuff. BUT there is also the whole being sore and being hungry constantly thing.  There is nothing I can do about the hunger. Oh wait, yes there is. I can eat more. But what about the soreness? Is soreness a word? My editor isn’t putting red squiggly lines under it…

I told my triathlon coach, Ian, this week that I was not really stretching before and after I worked out. He told me that I had better do it or I would be doing myself a great disservice. He told me that I should be “rolling out” and stretching up to twice a day. When I related that I really didn’t know how to use a foam roller he proceeded to take me out on the gym floor and show me how. For some reason it reminded me of a bakery and rolling out dough. Which reminded me of doughnuts. Mmmmmm doughnuts.

He also gave me some pretty cool advice that I think a good number of you will appreciate. He told me that I DID NOT need to spend between $25 and $50 on a commercial foam roller. Why not just pick up a piece of 4 inch PVC pipe from the local hardware store? It isn’t soft an cuddly like a foam roller, but it does the job and does it well. Being a bad-ass AND a cheap-skate, I took the advice to heart.


I DID however find it necessary to grab some flashy chromatic duct tape to fancy up my new muscle roller.


So now I am daily rolling out my calves (these suckas are more like full grown maverick stud bulls now…), quads, glutes, hip flexors, hammys, and that thing on the outside of your quads that really hurts when you roll it.  Anyone remember what that is called? INXS? Something like that.


I have only been doing this for a few days now and I already notice that my legs feel so much better AFTER I roll out. They DO NOT feel so good while I am doing it. But I shall continue, for I know the pain will make me better.


Plus, everyone loves to waller on the floor every now and again.


I know there are a good number of runners and triathletes reading this blog now.  What are your rolling routines and how often and when do you do it?


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