RooCup: The Bane of America

I am posting this in the Stuff Fat People Do category. As a recovering Fat Person I feel that I can speak on this. You guys know that I tells it likes I sees it, but I have a feeling that I am going to rub some folks the wrong way with this post.  Welp, the truth sucks sometimes. And this is all about the truth.

You know what would be awesome? What if we took one of the leading causes of obesity in America and made it more readily available and then glorified a plastic container in which you could refill with said thing for a quarter and caused a nationwide frenzy making people to go crazy to try and get said container? How awesome would that be?


Oh yeah. We do that already.

Our local newspaper just ran a story titled, “Catch the RooCup Craze!”  I think they should title it, “Catch Diabetes and Make Your Kids Fat Too!”

I know that this is a rant, but I can’t help but feel sad that I know so many people who struggle with obesity, yet they fall into this marketing trap. Soda has to be one of the leading contributors to the obesity of not only adults in America, but also kids.  And parents are letting their children jump on this craze too.


I just heard about this bullship from my good friend Louis Yuhasz from Louie’s Kids… A middle school teacher “partnered” with a local Kangaroo Gas Station to give 64 “deserving” students a RooCup.  Do these kids deserve a lifetime of struggling to find pants that fit? Do they deserve heart disease and illness? It is disgusting.  Here is a link to the story.

I know that I am soap-boxing, but it makes me sick. And sad.  I know what it is like to be obese.  I wish my parents had done a better job of teaching me about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.  It would have made maintaining a healthy lifestyle so much easier.  Instead I had to fight tooth and nail to learn to be healthy and to start getting healthy.

We as a society are teaching our kids to kill themselves by glorifying stuff like this. Please don’t buy into the hype. Please teach your kids to be healthy.  You have that power. Don’t be a bad influence on them. You may regret it.

Rant over. I’m out.

*drops the mike*

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