Week 73 – Sangria Post

I am going to make this super short. Tonight was my dad’s birthday dinner. I drank some lots of sangria. I am afraid of what I might say if I post too much, so all you get is a little bit of an interesting development…

As you know, I have been pretty much telling the scale to go jump in a lake for the past several months. I had gotten too hung up on what it said on the scale and losing focus on my overall goal of being comfortable in my own skin.

The problem there is that I started to lose balance and then realized that the scale was creeping back up and that I was losing a little bit of control. I am NOT at my goal weight. I AM NOT happy with my body, as evidenced by my self loathing post on Wednesday.

So I have started monitoring my food intake better and I have started upping my game on my workouts.

I weigh myself every day.

I am seeing the scale moving in the right direction again. There is hope.

Count your calories folks. It works.

I plan to hit my lowest weight in recorded history in the next 4 weeks.

Mark my words.  You hear that Mark?


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