Saucony Kinvara 4

First and foremost allow me to disclose that I was given the following pair of Saucony Kinvara 4 shoes to review based on my status as a Fitfluential Ambassador. Don’t hate the playa.


So I got these shoes about two weeks before my half ironman triathlon and I was so scared to change anything in my training regimen that I did not put them on until the week AFTER my race.  I might be crazy, well, ok, so I AM crazy, but I had it in my head that if I tried a new pair of shoes two weeks out that I was going to roll my ankle or get shin splints or some other such something another.

Also, I know that I overpronate and the shoes that I had been training in were especially designed for such. I had no idea whether or not the Kinvaras would hurt me, help me, or give me habromania. (I had to look it up too…) So needless to say, except that I am going to say it, I wish that I had given them a chance a bit earlier…


The first things that I noticed when I slipped into the extravagantly red kicks was how light they were.  My old shoes feel like lead buckets dipped in iridium, comparatively. I was almost afraid to even step off of my porch because they were so light.  I didn’t think shoes should feel that way. But hey…what do I know?

I decided to take a bit of a trail run in them because I was feeling squirrely and where do squirrels hang out? On the trail.


By the way, we have fox squirrels where I live. Like that one above. They are cooler than your squirrels and there is no need to argue it. #truth


I noticed as I hit the path heading down by the river…ahem, RIP Chris Farley… that regardless of my fear that the shoes would not work for me and I would have to post a review in which I said I did not like the shoes, they felt great. And I felt fast.

Now feeling fast and being fast are two different things.  But I knew for a fact that I was running faster than I had in a while.  During training, even on days when I ONLY had to run, I was not doing much better than a 11:30 pace at best.  But I could feel that I was running faster than that on this day.  AND I was running on trails, which I usually run slower on anyways.


I logged a 3.5 miler in the Kinvaras that loverly day. And when I checked my pace when I got home I found out that I had been pulling an average pace of 10:12.  While that is not by any means an elite runners pace, I was pretty stoked. It is about a minute to a minute and a half better than I had been running during training.

They felt fast and they were fast. And at the end of this week they are going to get a chance to race as I participate in the Clemson Sprint Triathlon.


So here are my thoughts on the Saucony Kinvara 4 shoes:

• I overpronate and these shoes are not made to address that. I can always get inserts though!
• They don’t come with speed laces so I will need to fix that before my next triathlon.
• I don’t have any other cons right now.

• They look awesome.
• They feel awesome.
• They are light and fast.
• What else do you need to know?

The end.



Saucony sent me the Kinvara4′s as part of my affiliation with Fitfluential.  If you don’t agree with my point of view that is ok. I qualify that this is my opinion. And who doesn’t have too many of those?

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