Semper Fi Tri

So im doing the Parris Island Sprint triathlon tomorrow…
(Saturday March 16 for those who don’t wait impatiently by the internet, longing to absorb my every word).


It will be interesting to see what kind of improvement I make over my first triathlon.

Im very excited because it would be a joke to say I trained for my first race. But this one…this one I am actually ready for. And the kicker is that this distance is basically a normal training workout for me right now.

500 meter pool Swim
10 mile Bike
5km Run

My workout on Thursday was longer and harder than that…(‘s what she said)

Isnt that crazy? It is times like this that I realize how far I have come in the past couple of years.  I am feeling strong and confident (this evening) and I have every reason to believe that tomorrow, around 11 am, I will feel even better.

My swim is strong…


My bike is strong…


And my run is..well…my run is there…


As long as I don’t get picked up for being an enemy combatant, then I will recap on the flip-side.

Semper Fi y’all.

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