Sit On This and Spin

So this past Friday I had, what I refer to as, a what-the-hell-was-I-thinking-trying-to-do-all-of-this-in-one-day kind of days.

I woke up and was at the beach by 6:45. Olive Oyl has more bumps than the ocean did. Hmmm. In my head that seemed like a funny comparison, what, with Olive Oyl being all stick thin and not having any curves and the ocean being flat and what-not. Now that I read it out loud, meh. But I am having a lazy day so i will leave it. So I paddled around for about an hour and then headed to the gym for a 50 minute spin (I should say “indoor cycling” seeing as it is NOT a franchise class) class. My first. Which was followed by the Killer of All Killers, the Kettle Hell class.

I would have been tired by doing any of the three autonomously, but like a good neighbor an idiot, or a glutton for punishment, I just HAD to do them all.

Now you know about the Crossfit Kettlebell class that I am in (assuming that you are a regular and loyal reader who gets notified of any and all new posts by email.) And you also know about how one of my goals when I started losing weight was to get into surfing. BUT, did you know that I was going to become a master of the indoor cycling circuit? Yeah, I didn’t either.

Kyle Radaker, whose name you might recognize as the mad-scientist instructor of the a fore mentioned Kettle Hell, is, as well, the instructor of this particular indoor cycling class. No offense to any people from Eco Fitness who might read this blog (I can really only think of a couple and they will probably agree with me…) but Kyle comes recommended HIGHLY as the best indoor cycle instructor around and therefore I wanted to take his class for sure. You know the class is good because you have to make a reservation to take it and it is ALWAYS packed. It has been said, by Erin Hopkins to be exact,  that people literally “throw elbows” to get into that class.

The wifey had called to get our reservations so we were good there. We both went in and were directed by Erin to two bikes near the back corner of the room. She said they were the “good bikes.” If you ever make it to this class and I am not there, make sure to get a “good bike.” I grabbed a heart rate monitor strap from Kyle…Hey, whattya know! They just happened to be Polar HRMs. Good taste Kyle! And I logged into the computer so that my heart rate would be displayed on the screen at the front of the room. I signed in as Spinderella because I am awesome and clever, but also humble.

I then jumped on my bike and started warming my bones.  Kyle kicked the class off a few minutes later.

The room was dark and the music was thumping. To me, that was the perfect setting. We started off pretty easy just getting into the groove and getting our heart rates up. Then I noticed that even though we were only 10 minutes into the ride, I was sweating like a hooker in church. Kyle started pushing us a little harder and harder. There were points where we were sitting in the saddle and parts where we were standing up and pushing like we were pedaling uphill. All the while we were instructed to loosen or tighten the gears to simulate the open road or the hilly ups and downs of a mountain ride.  Kyle had a formula for where he wanted your heart rate, and thanks to the HRMs we all knew whether we needed to pick it up or back it off. EVERYONE in the class was pouring sweat by this point. I mean rivers of it. It could not be avoided. But just as I was thinking about how I should have brought another shirt to change into, the class was winding down and we were going into recovery mode.

To be honest, I had this expectation that the class was going to be next to impossible. I was really intimidated by the thought of riding a bike for 50 minutes, but it wasn’t horrible. It was actually a little bit enjoyable. Well all except the fact that that little seat is not comfortable in the least. Not to mention it will help me get ready to start riding a non-stationary bike for my first triathlon (interesting new post about that coming up later this week.)

So there you have it. Check indoor cycling off of the bucket list. Next, indoor motor-unicycling class. Hey my gym is pretty cool y’all.




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