Sleep Better

Raise your hand if you are overweight and you have trouble sleeping.

I count at least 11 people raising their hands.

Sleep apnea is a major problem for overweight folks. That is that thing where you stop breathing while you are asleep. You might have been thinking about that thing where you make words in your sleep that imitate or suggest a sound. That is actually sleep onomatopoeia. It is a totally different thing and is WAY less dangerous.

I used to have lots of trouble getting to sleep. Then I would also have lots of trouble staying asleep. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and yell things like BANG and MEOW. Damn that sleep onomatopoeia! I almost NEVER felt rested in the mornings and and was almost always irritable. It was like I had perpetual dragon ass. Another thing is that I snored. Like not just sawing logs snoring. I mean like lumber jack running a multi-million dollar mill operation snoring.

I was never diagnosed with sleep apnea but considering I weighed in at over 350 pounds, there is a really good chance that I did have it. I also learned that tossing and turning all night and sleep deprevation increases a hormone in your body called ghrelin, which makes you feel hungry.  How’s that for a catch-22. You can’t sleep cause you are fat. You are fat because not sleeping makes you want to eat more and more.

One of the goals that I set for myself (you can see my original goals on the about me page) when I first started my weight loss journey was to “sleep better.”  I am not entirely sure that I actually knew at that time that losing weight would do that, but apparently I was right.

I didn’t really notice anything at first, but over time, as I lost more and more weight, I started sleeping better and better. I mean like MUCH better. I started realizing that I was not waking up every few hours. I noticed that I was actually falling asleep as soon as I closed my eyes. It was like a Christmas miracle only with out the guilt and the vodka! I feel like sleeping is no longer one of my “issues” and that I can pretty much sleep anywhere now.

So why am I sleeping better? Check that. Better is not a strong enough word for how I am sleeping now. I SHOULD say why am I sleeping like sleeping is not only my job, but my passion and reason for living?

Well I am not 100% sure but I can tell you that it has everything to do with my new lifestyle. The exercise that I am getting makes me tired in the evenings and then the weight that I have lost encouges my body to stay asleep. It is a great combo.

So chalk that up as another one of the great health benefits to losing weight. They are innumerable.


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  • Joe
    Twitter: fatlossjoe

    Totally agree with the sleep thing. Now that I’ve lost a little bit of wieght I notice I sleep much better. Less tossing and turning as well. For me I also think going to the gym for an hour and a half after work instead of watching tv and drinking soda might help as well!

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