Week 81 – The Blahs


Hey you guys.

I am not feeling it right now. I am not motivated to write. I feel pressured by a lot of other things in my life that are outside of my control. It makes me want to just go get in bed.


Week 79 – To Be Better or to Settle


Is it ever really simple?

I am having a dilemma this week. I am totally satisfied with my level of fitness right now. Except that I am not totally satisfied with my level of fitness right now at all.

I am currently in the best shape

Week 78 – One Legged Man in a Wheelchair


Hello shareholders, my faithful readers and followers of mine.

I wish I had some incredible weight loss news to post but I don’t.  Oh wait! I do have some incredible weight loss news! I have a guaranteed weight loss remedy that I posted yesterday.

Week 77 – A Race to the Fitness


So it has now been 77 weeks since I told my fat self that I was ready to unleash my fit self. It has been 77 weeks since my fat self relented and accepted the fact that sedentary was no longer going to be

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Week 76 – A Crossfit State Lines


So this is supposed to be a week that I weigh-in. But I totally forgot until I sat down to write the post. That means it will not be a weigh-in post. But I think you figured that out already. You are so smart.

Week 75 – Boobies Deserve Lots of Love


Wow. Remember when I said I was going to post every Mon, Wed, Fri? Yeah. About that.

I didn’t this week.

You would not believe the epic posts that I have brewing in my head right now. But for some reason I just have

Week 74 – Just Do It


Just do it?

Hank, what kind of cheesy title is this?

Ok, I admit. It is probably one of my least creative post titles. But I don’t care. It has significant meaning in this 74th week of my weight loss and fitness journey.


Week 73 – Sangria Post


I am going to make this super short. Tonight was my dad’s birthday dinner. I drank some lots of sangria. I am afraid of what I might say if I post too much, so all you get is a little bit of an interesting development…


Week 72 – Skin to Win


This is the first weigh-in of the rest of my life.

Today: 255.6 lbs. Last Month: 257 lbs. Difference: -1.4 lbs. Total Loss Since Starting this Blog: 79 lbs.

So I am 72 Weeks into this fitness and weight loss journey. Health wise I feel great.

Week 71 – Fitbloggin Week


So last week I was a day late in posting my normal weekly update.

This week I am a day early. Who knows what will happen next week.

So I will be travelling in the morning hours to the City of Brotherly Wind,

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