Starting Next Monday Never Works


You know something that I learned that other fat people do that I thought was something only I did? I call it “Waiting Until Monday.”

Before I got serious (May 4, 2011) about losing weight I used to say to myself, “I am

Parking for Losers


How many of you guys drive around the parking lot looking for a spot closest to the front door? Now how many of you will spend more time looking for that close spot than you will spend in the store you are parking in

Stuff Fat People Do: Pillow Lap Dance


My next installment of Stuff Fat People do will probably ring true with a lot of folks.  It is something that happens and we don’t even realize we are doing it most of the time because it has become such a habit.

I am

Stuff Fat People Do: Hide in the Ride or Dos Cup


This is two posts in one, because both of them happen in the car.

I am sure that non-fat people (might) do this as well, but I KNOW us biggins do it.  Sometimes self-control goes out the window, right? There are certain things that

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Stuff Fat People Do: The Knee Stretch


In this category I am going to post humorous little things that I (or others) have done that “normal” weight people probably don’t do.

This post is about something that I do on a regular basis.  I call it the “Knee Stretch,” also known

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