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So I told you guys that I had made some changes recently. I would love to think that you read that post, but I am also pretty sure that I only write in order to see myself talk. That sounds weird. Hear myself talk?

Does Dieting Really Work?


Here I go talking like I know what I am talking about again. Allow me to disclaim the fact that I am not a nutrition, health or exercise expert. As a matter of fact, I am not an expert at anything. Please understand that

Weight Weight Don’t Tell Me


So like I said this week in my post about the changes I was making, I have started tracking my food again in MyFitnessPal.

I have decided that in order to be where I want to be as an athlete, I need to lose

Cha cha cha cha changes…


So the triathlon season is over for me and I am thinking that maybe, just maybe I will have some more time to devote to writing . But then again, it is now running season right?

So there are a couple of changes

Clemson Triathlon 2013


Do you guys enjoy reading these race recaps? I write them mainly so that I will be able to go back and remember the race details later, but I am just not sure if others really like them.  Leave me a comment below letting

Health of Kids


I wrote a post back in September about how part of your (my) motivation for losing weight SHOULD be to model a healthy lifestyle to your (my) kids. We all want to be raising healthy kids. Active parents equal active children and active children are less likely

In The Year of the Snake


Hello my lovely and loyal readers. Did you miss me?

I took a bit of a writing hiatus during the holidays. Yes I could have had some guest posts, but to be brutally honest (because you know I will) I didn’t feel like messing with

Sleep Better

Raise your hand if you are overweight and you have trouble sleeping.

I count at least 11 people raising their hands.

Sleep apnea is a major problem for overweight folks. That is that thing where you stop breathing while you are asleep. You

Ignite Fitness Presentation


So you guys remember how I went to Baltimore several weeks ago for the Fitbloggin Conference and I was an Ignite Fitness presenter?

You don’t? Man. You guys need to pay closer attention.

Well IF you are interested to see my gloriously bearded mug

Week 78 – One Legged Man in a Wheelchair


Hello shareholders, my faithful readers and followers of mine.

I wish I had some incredible weight loss news to post but I don’t.  Oh wait! I do have some incredible weight loss news! I have a guaranteed weight loss remedy that I posted yesterday.

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