Week 67 – Let’s Get Real Here


[UPDATE: I meant to write this first thing but I forgot. I will be doing weigh in posts ONCE A MONTH for the foreseeable future. I feel that this is going to be the best way to go about it. I will ALWAYS post on Thursdays

Social Media Helped Me Lose Weight


Hello shareholders.

Did you know that social media can help you lose weight? It’s true. I am a living testament.

When I decided to run my weight loss like I run a business, I knew that I would have to tell as many people

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Guest Post: Getting Started Losing Weight


Hello shareholders. Do you mind me calling you shareholders? Comment below and let me know. Moving right along…I got contacted by my buddy Andrew the other day and he told me that he had just recently started his own weight loss journey. He asked me,

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Goonies Never Say Die


I really related to the Goonies when I was younger. I bet a lot of you will say the same.  I wanted to be Mikey, but I know I was more like Chunk. How disappointing. But guess what? There are lessons to be

Lets Back this Up a Bit


So I have been the big boy all of my life…well, as long as I can remember anyway.

I have always been somewhat of a hoss.  Growing up it was more like I was “big” but not necessarily “fat.” Middle school was when I

Week One Recap

This is not considered exercise.

Well 10 pounds in the first week felt great.  I mean it really helped get me pumped up even more. I am feeling really motivated and psychologically on fire.  I will post in a few days about one of my most serious attempts to

To What Shall We Compare?


Part of the business plan will be to compare pictures of me now with pictures of me losing weight.  Tomorrow will be the first weigh in since I decided to put this plan into action. Here are a few pics of me in all

So What is the Plan to Lose Weight?


So you probably want to know how I plan to ACTUALLY lose the weight.

I think losing the weight is the easy part.  It is the mental preparation and motivation that holds most people up.  Losing weight is as simple as watching what you

Why now? Why here?

I think this is going to be tough for me. I don’t like talking about my weight. I don’t like to acknowledge that I’m overweight. I don’t like hearing the words “obese” or “heavy” or “fat.” I especially don’t like other people talking about

Taking This Venture Public


I am taking this business public.  You are getting in on the ground floor of my new venture.  Consider yourself lucky.  You will reap the benefits of this initial public offering.

I have started several businesses and all of them have found success in

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