My Ring Has a Boo Boo


My ring has a boo boo?

Ok, so it has been a long day and I wanted to punch this blog post out before hitting the hay.  I couldn’t really think of a better title. So sue me.

My lawyers have informed me that

Picking Myself Up Off the Ground


I think we all have our own personal Mount Everests to climb.  Losing over 100 pounds is currently mine.

Now I get to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

If losing 100 pounds is one of my Mount Everests then the  pull

The Triumph of A (Quasi)New Shirt


A couple of months ago I bought some new shirts from a local retail establishment that just happened to provide shirts for us of the larger persuasion.

Translation: This store had shirts for hefties.

I tried one shirt on and knew that it fit