Fat Surfing


If you will remember from my Year of the Snake post, I told you that I am going surfing in Costa Rica in March. That trip is only 16 days away now! My beard is tingling just thinking about it.

Now you will

Active Parents Equal Active Children


I am categorizing this post as Weight Loss Motivation because if you have children, then providing them with a better life should be the ultimate motivation for you to lose weight.

One of the first posts that I ever wrote on this blog was about how

Week 68 – Rewarding Yourself


Hello beautiful folks. I am in a chipper mood this evening and therefore am going to keep this short and simple.

Last week I posted some weight loss pictures that took every fiber in my being to put on the interwebz. I am still a little nauseated

Walking on Water


I am not going to waste any more time talking about my weight plateau (for a while anyway). Instead I am going to bask in the victories that I have seen over the past year because as you know I am now looking at

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Ride the Waves


I am a total soul surfer, who doesn’t currently surf.  I want to be a total soul surfer that does.  I dream about surfing.  I watch all of the surf movies.  I know the lingo.  But my body (and my self-doubt) has