Taking This Venture Public

I am taking this business public.  You are getting in on the ground floor of my new venture.  Consider yourself lucky.  You will reap the benefits of this initial public offering.

I have started several businesses and all of them have found success in one way or another.  I have found that it is something that I am good at.   I also tend to be the kind of person who aggressively goes after what I want in life.  I am motivated by several factors, but one is the thrill of succeeding.  If I set my mind to something, I have a tendency to make it happen.

But there has been one glaring exception to that…

It weighs heavy on me.  And it is obvious to everyone around me.

I cannot seem to control my weight.  Most of the time it, unfortunately, controls me.

So I figure if I can run my weight loss venture like I run a business then it will help motivate me toward success.  I plan to have structure and set goals. I plan to market myself and my endeavors. I plan to gain huge profits [and by that I mean lose huge amounts of weight]. This website will be a shareholders report and you, the readers, will be my shareholders. Part of my business model will be to report to you on my progress and your responsibility will be to hold me accountable.  I hope that you will take your responsibility seriously.

I do not like failure so help me succeed…


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  • crystal

    I have heard that sometimes, if a person is so in control of nearly everything, they almost feel they need at least one thing to be out of control. It’s like a release, a break, or a vacation. I am lucky that I have at least TWO – my weight and well, you can ask Trey about how he does all the housework! If you put so much into your work and other parts of your life, sometimes it feels like you have nothing left to give for those issues you’re most reluctant to tackle. I don’t know if the answer is to give yourself a break on something else, or to strive to be in control of everything you can, but I hope to find out what works best for me! And I hope you find what works for you. I’m behind you on this and wish you the best!

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