The Story of My Pants

This is the story of my pants. They are falling off.

I wear cargo pants b/c I carry a lot of baggage.

I have made several posts about the state of my pants and the lack of staying power they have currently had at my waist. When I decided to change my life I was wearing a size 48 pant. You may also remember that I bought a couple of new pairs of shorts a short time ago, size 46, because my 48’s were unable to cover me any longer.

I was hoping (yet somehow not hoping all the same) that the new shorts would last me until at least the weather changed and long pants would so be required. It would seem that if we have a lingering summer, I may very well need new shorts again before the leaves change color.

My size 46 shorts are already too big.  They are now fitting me the way my size 48’s were fitting when I first started thinking that I was shortly going to need new shorts.  That is a mouthful.

I feel the need to say that I am in NO WAY complaining.  As a matter of fact I am quite ecstatic.

I think I will take all of my old shorts and make something out of them. It looks like with 5 or 6 pairs of shorts I am going to be able to make a 12 man tent. Or a yacht cover. Or maybe even that thing they drag out to cover a baseball field when it rains. I might even be able to make ALL of those things.

It feels good.
The End.

3 comments to The Story of My Pants

  • your wife

    yay! let’s go buy new fall clothes for the whole family! We’re skinnier and the kids are taller! New clothes for everyone! (p.s. Corporate sponsors wanted)

  • I think that’s one THE most powerful encouragers when losing weight – even better than the scale – when our clothes become too big.

    Congrats! I’ve been following you a while and really enjoy your posts, Hank. And they help keep me motivated to live healthy, too!

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