The Weight of the World

I haven’t posted anything since my last weigh in because I went on a retreat this past weekend and I did not have a computer.  It felt good.

You know what else felt good?
The weather in Black Mountain.

You know what else?
I had no problems staying true to my healthy food intake on a trip where there were tables of cookies and cobblers and chips and M&M’s and all sorts of other sugary and salty things. I will give a lot of credit to the organizers though.  They had plenty of fruits and veggies and hummus and good things laid out too.  I bet I ate 10 pounds of grapes. But I also took my own food to make sure I did have healthy options.

So anyway I have come down from the mountain with a renewed spirit (in many ways) and I am feeling good.

But this post is about another topic.

I am starting to get mad. I am mad at myself. I am mad at parents. I am mad at the almighty dollar.

I am mad at myself for ever letting myself (allow myself to introduce…myself) get overweight.
Losing weight is SO MUCH harder than gaining weight.  I wish I had known 20 years ago what I know today about nutrition and exercise (you know…like eat decent and don’t lay around like a lump).  I would love to think that if I did have that knowledge, I would have taken my weight more seriously (and maybe even played a sport or something).

I am mad at parents for not giving their children a head start to health.
I am mad at my parents for not teaching me to eat better and not encouraging me to be more active.  I am mad at the (overweight) mom that I saw at Qdoba the other day with her (overweight) children. She was pouring melted (liquid weight gain formula) cheese all over their hugely (inappropriately) portioned meals that they were washing down with (liquid fat juice) soda after soda. Those poor poor children don’t stand a chance.

I am mad at the almighty dollar, because that is what is the driving factor behind the obesity of America.
Making more and more profit is the motivation for companies to produce more and more convenient (and genetically modified) food and less and less healthy food.  Money is the reason that the government subsidizes the production of corn (high fructose fat enhancer) which drives up the price of other fruits and vegetables (especially the nice organic ones… the yums). Money (or the perceived lack thereof) is why people eat frozen dinners out of a box and processed beyond digestion foods (will it offend you if I say shit?) instead of whole and healthy foods that actually ARE good for your body.

Yeah yeah. I know. When did Hank become some pinko wacko organic hippie health nut, right? Deep down inside I always have been or at least wanted to be.

I guess it really started when I began to look at food as the fuel that my body needs to run.  That is when I realized that what I put into my body is going to directly affect how my body acts, feels, moves…

How many people do you know that will only put 90+ octane gasoline (petrol for my UK readers) into their car because the lesser octanes will gum up their spark plugs or whatever? Ok, ok. I don’t really know anyone like that either. BUT they are out there…Why would you continually put fuel into your car that is going to cause it to break down and gum up and eventually die? Don’t you want to put fuel into it that will cause less maintenance problems and overall costs? Don’t you want to fill it with the kind of fuel that will extend its life?

Well, that is how I now look at the food that I put into my body.  I only want the things that are going to mean less breakdown and more life out of my body. You can do that with food.

But honestly, it is easier and cheaper to use the cheaper fuels. I know. But in the long run it will cost more to maintain. Can you face the reality and treat yourself better to enhance and extend your life?

The weight of the World is getting heavier and heavier on a daily basis.  One day it may cause it to fall off its axis and roll into Venus.  If you do not want to be a part of the problem, then think about food as your fuel and start filling your belly with the 90+ octane.

If the Earth falls off its axis, then things just aren’t going to look right. We don’t want that do we?

6 comments to The Weight of the World

  • Krissie J
    Twitter: phillynerdgirl

    I still eat a moderate amount of processed foods here and there, but they are definitely NOT the norm. After my run, instead of having crackers, I ate a ton of strawberries and am craving the rest of the package. It’s definitely a shame that a lot of healthier foods get so expensive, because a lot of the places selling them KNOW people will pay more for it. I’ve started browsing farmers’ markets more so even if it’s a little more expensive than my local grocer, I can talk to the people who grew and prepared the food.

  • Excellent blog post, love the car analogy. Really puts things into perspective.

  • Meg

    I am a new reader, but I love this post. I could not agree more and it is very maddening. While I did grow up with parents that spent their only extra money on healthy food and did not allow us to watch TV or play video games, I still struggle with making those same choices for myself today. I find it is a daily battle to choose healthy foods and not the junk. keep up the good work! Love the site 🙂

  • Jocelyn

    You should watch the documentary Food Inc. It talks a lot about the American food industry and corn being produced in mass quantities.

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