There’s No Going Backwards

Tonight is Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday.

But enough with the lessons on the chronological order of the days of the week.

This week will be the 52nd week in my weight loss journey. That means that just a year ago, I was weighing in for the very first time in the public eye. My goal for the year was to lose 100 pounds, and as you have seen, I did not do that. But we are past that, you and I. We’ve had this discussion and both left with a feeling of mutual satisfaction. Well at least that is what you led me to believe anyway.

So what is ahead?

I am not entirely sure what the new year will hold. I hope that it will hold lots of mud runs, and other fitness milestones, and high paying product endorsements, and an ambassadorship to [insert name of awesome tropical island here].  But in reality it will most likely hold a lot of me still trying to lose more weight and fighting on a daily basis to eat better and get more healthy.

But with a group of people cheering me on like you guys have been, then there is no doubt i my mind that this next year will be even more incredible.  All I know is that I will keep moving forward. Going backwards is NOT an option.

Wow. A whole year…

Here is a little video that I put together as a bit of an homage to my journey.


What does your story look like?


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1 comment to There’s No Going Backwards

  • Janice - The Fitness Cheerleader
    Twitter: fitcheerldr

    I’ve walked backwards, then walked in place for a while, then forward, backwards, forwards, then really far forwards, then in place, and now a little bit backwards… My journey has been full of stops too. You’ll get there one day Hank, I know you will!

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