Week 62 – Too Hot in the Hot Tub

This is the 62nd week of my weight loss and fitness journey. I am taking a break from weighing myself while I am training for my first triathlon. I said that in case you came here and wondered why this was a weight loss blog that doesn’t have a person who is proving to you that they are actually losing weight or gaining weight. Don’t worry. I will get back to that…

Here is what I want to lay out for all of you today. I am having one of those You-My-Good-Sir-Have-Gotten-Yourself-In-Way-Over-Your-Head kind of weeks. It is hot in Charleston. That makes it tough to work out outside. Guess what training for a triathlon entails? OMGerd! It entails working out outside! Did I mention that it has been triple digit heat index for the past two weeks? Oh yeah. Most of you are dealing with it too.

Darn hippies might have gotten something right with this whole Al Gore is making the Earth too hot theory. Or whatever it was.

Running outside right now is actually dangerous if you are not careful. And let’s face it. Careful is not my middle name. My middle name is Lloyd. Like Lloyd Bridges. Bridges. The things to which I like to run to. And over. See how I made that come full circle?

So with that being said, let this also be said. STAY HYDRATED MY FRIENDS. I have a Camelbak HydroBak that I love to use when I go running. It is 50 oz and I am thinking that I might need to get a larger one for summertime.  I also just got a couple of CamelBak Podium insulated water bottles for when I am biking. I am still getting the hang of getting my bottle out of the holder while keeping my legs pedaling and not losing my balance. As soon as the wounds heal I will start trying again. Just kidding. Sort of.

But just staying hydrated does not take you out of danger for heat stroke. I have been trying to do most of my exercise before 7:30 in the morning. I only recently realized there even was a 7:30 in the morning. I thought there was only one at night.

Lastly I have been trying to do as much swimming as possible. That tends to be a nice way to beat the heat. But damn it is still a hard workout!

So that is the update for the week. Swimming. Running. Biking. Repeat.

You would think I was training for a triathlon or something. Oh wait…

That reminds me!

If you actually read this far, AND you want a chance to own an awesome Trek Bike AND help treat childhood obesity then please for the love of all that is good DONATE $10 FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A $1500 TREK BIKE AND HELP SUPPORT LOUIE’S KIDS!

Peace. Love. Hydrate.


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