Training on a Trainer

winter-trainingRaise your hand if there is snow on the ground where you are OR there has been snow on the ground where you are in the very recent past…

I counted at least 1200 hands. Some of those may have been the same person raising both hands though. Have I used this joke before? I’m starting to recycle some I think…

Well there is no snow here in Charleston, but it HAS been a bit cold lately. Good thing I have access to some heated pools

Last week I went and bought some thermal leggings AND a new pair of gloves so that I could do my long rides outside.  I have been doing long rides with my friend Brian on Friday mornings and I look forward to it every week. Last week though it was pretty cold. We got over to the Sewee Outpost (locals will know it, not locals are clueless) and got our bikes off the rack and started getting ready. I grabbed my new gloves, which were still connected by that little piece of plastic that connects things in stores, and found this…


Apparently in some parts of the world there is a demand for left handed pairs of gloves. Oddly, I have a right AND a left hand, so these gloves were a bit on the useless side for me.  It was way too cold to not wear gloves. Luckily [sic] [can sic meansomething ironically?] Brian had an “extra” pair of gloves. We hit the open road and prompty my hands started freezing. The “extra” gloves did little in the way of thermal protection. Needless to say, but I will say it anyway, the ride was miserable from the get-go.

Enter the Trainer.


A “trainer,” in this sense, is a device in which you place your bike to make it a stationary bicycle.  I had asked Ian, my triathlon coach not my road bike trainer (although he does coach me for my road bike…I digress), what he thought about using them and should I get one. He told me that there are Ironmen who ride their bikes 6-7 days a week and use the trainer 4-5 of those times. They must know something eh? Like how to keep their hands warm…

Trainers can be pretty expensive so I borrowed one from my fellow local triathlete, Rachel. She is a beast by the way. She is actually training for a full Ironman race. I got set up in my living room this past week when the days were nippy. Did I say nipple? Well it was much hooter in my house. I got planted right in front of the tube, turned on North Shore on Netflix, and proceeded to lay down 2 hours worth of pedaling.


Someone is bound to comment or at least think, “hey why doesn’t he have a block for the front tire…” Rachel couldn’t find it at the time. She has since, but I haven’t been by to get it yet. I will. Thanks…

I have heard that riding on the trainer can be boring, and I can see how that could be. But between Hulu+ and Netflix, I think I will be alright.

From now on, I shall be indoors when the days are frosty without.

Alright you triathletes who stumble across this blog, tell me what you think.  Give me your trainer war stories or, even better, your stories about cold hands and cold feet…


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6 comments to Training on a Trainer

  • Robin
    Twitter: robinbn

    I hate my trainer but I hate cold feet and hands even more. I live in Massachusetts so I am pretty much stuck on my trainer for at least 2 more months. I have been riding 4 days a week and while I am getting used to it, I hate it. But my Ironman is in July so I will get it done. 🙂 I know, so positive.

  • Fancy Nancy
    Twitter: lilfancynancy

    Yeah with cold temps and dark skies here in Massachusetts, I am on the treadmill most days! I try to vary my workouts to keep from getting bored! Next time go for mittens…way warmer than gloves!

  • Krysten Siba Bishop (@darwinianfail)
    Twitter: DarwinianFail


  • Stacey
    Twitter: Sscarboro

    I’ve just recent purchased a trainer myself. I got it to use on these cold South Georgia days and to use for interval workouts that would be difficult or unsafe to do in the open road. I ended up purchasing a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine. Far from the cheapest trainer but one if the biggest reasons I purchased it was it was recommended by which will estimate your power output if they know your trainer make and model. The Kurt kinetic was the one they recommended to above all others to use with their site. I also read a good review of it on the blog.
    I love it is all I can say. I even have written a post on it with my initial impressions of it on my blog. It’s more than other trainers in the market but well worth considering

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