Triathlon Anniversary

Hello Shareholders.

I come to you with the news that life in my house is slowly settling into the newborn routine.  If you are a loyal reader, which might be tough considering I haven’t posted consistently in a while, then you will know that I am now a member of the elite group kown affectionately as the Triparentlete.  I am now a father of three.

So as you can imagine, having another dependent in the house can cause a serious lack of training, exercise, sleep, and well, everything. I definitely gained some weight over the past month and I totally got out of my workout and training routine.  But I had a bit of an excuse.


In all seriousness though, I have only recently gotten back on the training horse and I have gotten my eating back under control.  The next race that I was planning on doing was the Langley Pond Sprint Tri on August 31st.

But then I had a realization.

This weekend is the one year anniversary of my first triathlon.  And the same race is happening.  Well by Jove, whoever he is, I need to race this weekend in celebration!


How much difference can one year make?

Go right now and read the recap of that race, because come Monday or Tuesday I am going to have a 12 month comparable.  I cannot wait.  This is going to be real fun.

I am not going to make any predictions on times or anything right now.  But It is going to be amazing to see how I have improved over 12 months. This might just be the most excited I have been for any race so far.

So with that being said, I bid you fondue.  I will see you after the race results are posted…

Peace, Love, Gruyère.


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