Turkashewcot – Snack on This

Have you ever heard of a turducken? It’s a chicken cooked inside of a duck cooked inside of a turkey.

This is NOT a post about a turducken. Just in case you were wondering.

The goal in my daily food consumption is to eat a healthy, filling breakfast.
Have a mid-morning snack.
Eat a vegetable heavy lunch.
Eat another mid-afternoon snack.
Then eat a supper that is also vegetable heavy and with a lean meat based protein.

I have already covered a couple of breakfast items that I enjoy (Chobani and granola and the Whitey omelet.) Here is one of my favorite snack packs.  While I did not make this up, necessarily, I do not know anyone else throwing together a little turkashewcot (tur-CASH-oo-kot) snack.

The Turkashewcot Snack

1 oz – Turkey Perky Jerky – 100 cals
20 g – Trader Joe’s Unsulfured Blenheim Apricots – 55 cals
28 g – Trader Joe’s Roasted/Unsalted Cashews – 170 cals

Mix it all up in a small bowl.  Use your fingers as utensils. Enjoy.

This is sooooo much better for you than a processed 100 calorie snack pack and much more interesting than celery.

So there you have it folks.  I would love comments with other healthy snack ideas that AREN’T raw carrots or celery.
No offense. We ALL know that those are healthy snacks.  Let’s just mix it up a bit.

Hit me.

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4 comments to Turkashewcot – Snack on This

  • Deb
    Twitter: debslosingit

    The jerky and the apricots sound delicious- I love dried fruit like nobody’s business! But I do not like nuts at all. You can keep those… lol.

    I should come back and check the comments later. As it stands now, I have fresh fruit or veggies, and a massive amount of raisins I can snack on. No junky snack foods anywhere to be seen though. 🙂

  • Alana
    Twitter: alanagruss

    I like the cashew idea. Yum! I love snacking so I get the unsalted sunflower seeds in the shell and crack and eat those babies at my desk. Plus berries. Love berries. Blackberries, raspberries, strawberries… but not blueberries. I don’t like blueberries. Blasphemy I know.
    I do the standards of string cheese, peanut butter or veggies too.

  • Tamara
    Twitter: fitknitchick_1

    I have actually eaten turducken and it was great! Although your version looks healthier and easier to prepare!

    I’ve tagged YOU in the 11 Random Things post meme that’s be flying around the internet.
    Check out the rules on my blog post today!


    I know you’ll have fun and meet some great bloggers on the way!

  • Michelene Cleary
    Twitter: michelenecleary

    One of my favorite snacks is a chocolate shake:
    1 frozen banana
    1 scoop chocolate protein powder lite
    8 oz almond milk
    2 T PB2 – dried peanut butter
    1 packet starbucks instant coffee
    1 T ground flaxseed
    Process that all in the blender, let the caffeine kick in and then go have a great workout!

    I also love the Clean Eating Breakfast Sundae:
    1 sliced banana
    topped with 1/3 c lowfat cottage cheese
    1 T sugar free jelly of your choice
    1 T chopped pecans or walnuts.

    Both of those are under 300 calories.

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