Turkey Perky Jerky Giveaway

“It was a wise man who first drew forth the moisture from slices of meat in order that we might enjoy the pleasures of it’s preserved goodness.”
– Playdostotle

One of my friends, who is also losing weight and feeling great, gave me some advice when I first decided to change the way I eat. We were talking about what you can eat that is good for you, but satisfies some of your “snacking” urges. She told me that turkey jerky was a great low-cal high-protein food and that I should give that a shot. So I did. And I became addicted.

I have tried all kinds of different brands. Most were a bit too dry and/or chewy (think about the turkey in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation…you know what I am talking about…You serious Clark?) or too full of weird ingredients that didn’t seem healthy (tri-sodium-malfanagate-diptherieum-unaphosphate or something like that). I had thought about ordering some from the interwebs, but I wanted to be able to give it a try first.

Then one day I was checking my local Publix and low-and-behold there it was. The silvery packaging caught my eye from the deli counter (over 20 feet away to be sure). It was hanging on the end of the frozen fish stick tank. Something called Turkey Perky Jerky.

I bought it. I tore open the silver pouch. I reached in. It was soft, not too dry. I lifted the bag to my sniffer. I knew it contained goodness by the way it sniffed. I would have been sold on sight and smell alone, yet the most crucial of senses was left to test.  I popped some in my mouth and I have not turned back since.  It was moist and slightly peppery with just enough tang to know there was some soy sauce loving going on.  I was sold.

So anyway, the jerk-miesters at corporate apparently heard that I was a fan and they asked me to distribute some dried perfection to my loyal following with a giveaway contest.  I guess that is one of the perks of being a share holder in the Business of Losing Weight, eh? The perks of jerky.

So who would like to be one of the lucky folks who gets to try a silver-pouch of this loverly turkey goodness?

• I need for you to be a blogger.
•  I need for you to agree that you will post a review of the product on your blog.
•  I need for you to be a human.

If you agree to those stipulations (#3 is negotiable) then  you may enter the giveaway contest.  Here is how you enter:


•  Leave a comment on this blog post in the form of a haiku telling me how you would eat this fantastic dehydrated victual.


That is all.  I will have a team of English language experts and grammar-gestapo judge the entries and choose 10 winners.  If all goes well then maybe we will have another giveaway in a few weeks!  How does that sound? Well then get to it!

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