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This is the third post in my Rage Quit to Scotland guest blogger series. If I have used my scheduler correctly, then it is Friday. And that means I might just be sitting on the bank of Loch Ness searching for my old friend Nessie.  Then again, I may have never made it out of the pub…Regardless, this post is from my home-slice from the sistah-city of Savannah, Victoria Hickling. She competed with me in the Charelston Sprint Triathlon last week and she is going to tell you a little about preparing for a tri.


Hey Y’all! I am Victoria from Victoria Runs and I am excited that Hank reached out to me for a guest post.

Just a week ago I crossed something quite fabulous off my Fitness Bucket List—a Triathlon! So I figured I would give a few pointers to anyone thinking of doing their first Tri and why they should!

Tip #1- Tri, Tri, Tri again. During my training for my first tri, I really didn’t like to have my tuckus in the saddle. But the more I incorporated brick workouts, which are when you do one sport then transition into the next one, the better I became.

Tip #2- Get over body issues. I was really nervous about the tri, because I didn’t know what to wear. I didn’t want to get a tri kit, because I didn’t want to drop the dough for my first one. Then I thought about wearing just a sports bra and shorts for the swim portion, and put a tank on for the rest. THEN, I found a tank that would work while swimming. And being that I was not the only person without a tri kit, I felt more at ease with my decision!

Tip #3- Making a list, Checking it twice. I made a list of items I would need for my transitions plus extra fuel. Making a list made me feel in control of my race more than just winging it. I saw quite a few people with 5-gallon buckets with water. This way they could clean their feet then flip it over to sit down if need be to put on shoes. I just brought a liter of water and rinsed off my feet before the bike!

Tip #4- Get your hair did. Ok, maybe not really done. But make sure that your hair is in a low-pony, bun or French braid so that you can transition quickly from the swim to bike. Thankfully someone clued me in early to this! [Aside from Hank: Guys, you can just make sure your hair is off the ears so that it doesn’t get hung up in your helmet. I DID how ever opt for the low-pony, but mainly because I thought it sounded cool, like something from The Outsiders…]

Tip #5- Have fun! I didn’t take myself too seriously when I dropped my water bottle and then rolled over it. I just pulled over, kicked my kickstand down (yep, I sure do have a bike with a kickstand), and ran back for it. I enjoyed saying ‘good job’ to others on the course and thanking the volunteers. I enjoyed talking to the two ladies who set up their gear next to mine before the race. Have fun, enjoy the race, and take each mistake in stride.

I loved my first tri and even placed 2nd in the Athena Division. I was ecstatic and am drinking coffee everyday from my mug!

Are you ready to TRI? It just takes some more time to train, but the training was great cross training to my established run schedule.

So come on, let’s TRI!

I’m Victoria. I started blogging in the spring of 2011 and have fallen in love with the virtual community of support. I have always been active throughout my whole life, though I have struggled with weight issues. Join me as I find a healthy balance between life, fun, and fitness.

Blog: Victoria Runs
Twitter: @Victoria_Runs
Facebook: VTBruns


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