Watching What you Eat

Watching what you eat is such a cliche. Right? I hear people say all the time, “I am watching what I am eating.”  I mean seriously, I have said it a thousand times.

Here is what I figured out though.  I always watch what I eat. Watch it being fixed. Watch it get on my fork. Watch it get shoved into my mouth. Watch seconds show up on my plate.  Watch my waist line expand. So I have always been good at watching what I eat.

But just over the past week, I became CONSCIOUS of what it was I was eating.

I always thought, what many fat people think, that I don’t really eat horribly.  In fact, I thought that I ate pretty healthy. But when I started making a serious effort to know how many calories were in the food I was eating, I was floored.  The meals that I thought were decent (a chicken quesadilla from Qdoba for instance) were so full of calories, that I was probably consuming a daily amount in one sitting. That parenthetical quesadilla that I mentioned there has more than 1100 calories. Things that were killing me even more than the main courses were the sides and condiments.  Sour cream and mayonnaise are killers, literally. Fried corn chips seemed to be a part of my every-other if not every day routine. It is mind-bottling (credit Chaz Michael Michaels) that I was TRYING to eat decent, and was coming no where near.  I makes me wonder how many calories I was consuming before I cared.

Well now I am making sure I know every calorie that goes into my body.  I have a lot more to learn though.  Did you know there are foods that you can eat that aren’t all that high in calories, but they raise your blood sugar and cause your body to react in weird ways.  I want to learn about those types of foods and learn what to avoid and what to consume more of.

The weird thing is that I feel fine counting the calories.  I don’t have any probs with it right now.  I say “right now” because I think that there will come a point where I do not want to weigh my food anymore, or know how much is considered a serving, or log my daily calories.  But, inshallah, I will be able to stick with it and lose 100 pounds or more.

5 comments to Watching What you Eat

  • Deetz

    macaroni and cheese is another fake vegetable… 😉

  • Hannah

    “think about where the food came from and the amount of work necessary to grow the food, transport it, prepare and cook it, and bring it to the table”-buddha, five contemplations while eating
    recently came upon this quote..since then i’m really thinking about what i’m’s making me move towards food that isn’t over processed

  • After 4 months of steady calorie counting, I have hit my wall. I am trying to power through it, but I am having a tough time! What kinds of snacks are you eating?

  • Trey

    It is incredible what you find when you start looking at restaurants’ nutritional info. You know how everybody acts like the KFC Double Down is the unhealthiest thing ever? It’s actually not even the worst thing on their menu. I used to love to get their “Famous Bowls” – turns out they are WAY worse for you than the Double Down.

    There is a restaurant near my office that has sandwiches, baked goods, etc. They also have salads… which are INCREDIBLY high in calories, fat, sodium, etc. And I don’t mean taco salads or something you know is bad for you, I mean like a grilled chicken salad that most people figure is a reasonable choice.

  • Emily Miles Anderson Kashi Go Lean has some great protein bar things. Also I am killing the apples and carrots. And almonds. And the best is rolled up Boars Head Maple Glazed Turkey which is like 70cal for 2 oz. You can eat 4oz for the same as a kashi bar. Lots of protein.

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