Water, Taken in Moderation…

Water, taken in moderation, cannot hurt anybody.  – Mark Twain

Good ole’ Samuel Clemens. Famous for his wit as well as his prose.  He makes a great point as well.  Too much water and we will drown. Not enough and we will dehydrate.

So what is “enough” water?

When you are trying to lose weight you get all sorts of advice.  Some of it good.  Some of it not so good. But one thing you will always hear is “Drink More Water.”  The good thing is, I love water. I have consumed water ALMOST exclusively since I decided to get serious about my weight loss.  I used to drink a few sodas a week, sweet tea, milk, and all sorts of fruit juices. I have given ALL of those things up (with the occasional sip of someone else’s soda) as a means of assuaging my thirst.  Every once in a while I will drink some honey sweetened green tea. But not very often. Water is my drink.

This still doesn’t answer the question of how much is enough though.

Most conventional information out there says that 64 ounces or 8 cups of water per day is the normal amount of water that people should be drinking. Most people are not even drinking that though.  So 8 cups is what the “normal” person should be drinking.  But what about someone trying to lose weight?

The more I read the more I discover that there is almost NO WAY I can drink too much water.  Everything that I have found says that I should be drinking lots and lots.  I am working out on a daily basis and sweating a lot. I need water to replenish my body. I am breaking down fat in my workouts. I need water to flush the wastes and toxins associated with weight loss out of my body. Water water everywhere.

So here is what I do.  See that picture? That is my BPA free Nalgene that I picked up at a sporting goods store.  It holds 33 oz of liquid. I carry it everywhere with me.  If you know me then you have seen it.  My goal is to fill that and drink all contents 4 times per day. 132 oz of water. 16.5 cups per day. And I do it almost every day.  You know what is cool? Water is free. And it is everywhere. Whole Foods keeps a water cooler in the dining area.  Most restaurants have water in their fountain drink array.  It is literally everywhere. So why pay extra for sugar and death?

I have a new game that I play.  This is the part where I give TMI.

My new game is this: when ever I go to the bathroom to “take a leak,” my goal is that the water in the toilet after I am done look the same as it did before I started.  If it is close then I know I am drinking enough water. Gross? Me being absurdly obese is gross.  I can handle a little pee humor to help make sure I am healthy.

Here is a wisdom bomb for you to end my post:

“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. ”



6 comments to Water, Taken in Moderation…

  • I play the pee game too!! Nothing wrong with that! Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration!!

  • Rachel

    I drank to much caffine today and so I am up at 2am reading your blog post. Thanks for the reminder to drink more H2O. You inspire me Hank. Thank you.


  • TooBIG
    Twitter: TooBIG

    same here, i usually get in a gal a day or more. now being on my shake diet and adding that water to the mix is even more.

  • Dawn
    Twitter: dawnro1101

    I fill up a gallon jug everyday and make sure that I am able to drink it..some days are not as good as others. I check the color of my pee….no better way to check then to see what your body tells you.

  • Alana
    Twitter: alanagruss

    I totally have the same pee goal! 🙂 I try to drink about 120 oz of water a day, but have been a bit of a slacker recently. UGH. Thanks for the reminder!

  • kaysi

    WOW I am impressed!!! I have the same size Nalgene bottle and rarely accomplish my goal of downing TWO per day!! Cannot imagine four, but kudos to you!! Um, regarding the TMI paragraph at the end, I totally feel accomplished when that happens, too. =)

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