Week 33 – The Week of Stalling Out

Week of 12-16 through 12-22 in the year of our Lord 2011
This is the first weigh-in of the rest of my life. Here are the results for week 33:

Today: 256.4 lbs.
Last Week: 256.4 lbs.
Week Difference: 0.0 lbs.
Total Loss: 78.2 lbs.
Body Fat: 20.6 % 
Lean Mass: 43.3%  
Blood Pressure: N/A
BMI: 32.0 (-0.0 )

Aaaaaarrrrgh! Ok folks. I do not like admitting this, but it would seem that I have hit a wall. This is the third week with no change on the scale. I am pretty pissed.

Yeah, yeah, I know what a lot of you are thinking…”Hey man, it happens”…”Everyone hits a plataeu”…”You’ve come a long way, it’s ok”…

It doesn’t change the fact that I am unhappy.

For the most part I have been eating clean. I have had a few days where I ate some crap food, but I have been eating well within my calorie restriction every day. I have been tearing up the exercise, averaging between 750 and 800 calories burned PER session. I have been doing things right! I guess the stall is not a myth.

This is from Web MD:
” It’s hard to fathom that for weeks your weight loss program was taking the pounds off. Then, suddenly, the scales won’t budge another ounce. Take heart. A weight loss plateau is normal…”

This is from the Mayo Clinic:
“You’ve diligently worked to improve your diet and exercise habits, and you’ve been rewarded by seeing the number on the scale continue to drop. But then for no reason you can see, the scale doesn’t budge — even though you’re still eating a healthy, low-calorie diet and exercising regularly. You’ve hit a weight-loss plateau. Before you get too discouraged, you should know that it’s normal for weight loss to slow and even stall. By understanding what causes a weight-loss plateau, you can decide how to respond and avoid backsliding on your healthy-eating and exercise habits.”

Oh man. I guess I am going to have to read up and do some more research. Boo. Not to reading. I like reading. Just boo.

Here is my Beast Face of Disappointment:

The thing that make me most upset is that I am going to be in Honduras next week.  I will post about that later. That means that this weigh in is MY LAST weigh in for 2011. I really really wanted to break the 80 pounds lost mark. I really wanted for Louie’s Kids to get those few more dollars from me and my contributors. I really really wanted to believe that I could beat the plateau.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I think I am going to go cry now…

[…10 minutes of silent sobbing later…]

Ok, I’m better now. Don’t call the hospital on me again. I don’t want to wear the straight jacket again.

Well. I am going to pick myself up and dust myself off. I don’t like feeling like I am out of control so I am going to have to figure this thing out.

I have a lot of awesome people following my progress. What are your guys thoughts?


6 comments to Week 33 – The Week of Stalling Out

  • Shawna

    I plateau-d for a few weeks. A friend explained it that my body was adjusting to this weight being my new normal. So when I have back slides, it wants to go to this new weight instead of the heavier me. Stick with it, you are doing great!

  • Greg
    Twitter: Locker_29


    I’ve been through this more times than I care to admit. I had major plateau’s at 310, 292, and 282 that each made me crazy. I dealt with them by ignoring the scales and looking for new ways to measure my progress. Running times, distance goals, and changes in how my clothes fit made the scales lack of movement less crushing. In addition, when I began to find these other goals, I made changes in my eating hadits and workouts to meet these new goals, and those changes often lead to a new round of weight loss. The two improtant things are to avoid backsliding or trying to push too hard and hurting yourself.

  • Hank-take an old pro’s advice…you have to change up your workouts and I would highly highly highly recommend dance of some kinda. Sounds silly but it will work. Try some Zumba or something.

  • Julia
    Twitter: muzenews

    What Jason/Lake/FB said. Take a couple Zumba classes for a week. It will be way out of your comfort zone (even for some women it is) but may give you a change of pace that kicks different parts of your body awake to say, “Woah, hey.. what’s this???” And the “I’m not coordinated/can’t dance” argument doesn’t work here. I’ve been in lots of different Zumba classes and NO ONE is perfectly coordinated.

  • Pam

    Change up your work out routine. That should help restart the engines. Good luck.

    Any chance you’d start posting some recipes of what you are eating?

    • hank

      Hey Pam, I can do that. I just get wrapped up and forget. If you have any specific questions that you may have seen on my food diary let me know. thanks!

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