Weigh-In: Week 12 (7-30-2011)

Week of 07-22 through 07-30 in the year of our Lord 2011
This is the first weigh-in of the rest of my life. Here are the results for week 12:

Today: 290.6 lbs.
Last Week: 292.2 lbs.
Week Difference: -1.6 lbs.
Total Loss: 44 lbs.

Well folks, you may have realized that today is Saturday and NOT Thursday.  This would be a good time to remind you to like my facebook page and follow me on twitter.  If you don’t already then you might not have realized that I have been out of town for the past week and have had limited internet access. My business partner and I were flown to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to visit a vendors operation and we had them fly us out of Jackson, Wyoming (a mere 800 miles away) and we drove the difference and took a little breather in the mountains. It was a great trip.

I was considering skipping my weigh-in this week because of the fact that it is not easy to eat well on the road, but I decided to man up and take care of it today. I actually thought I would have no change so I will take the -1.6 lb loss.  It feels good to know that I can keep up the downward trend when I am not in a comfortable and easy to maneuver environment.

I was able to work out twice on the trip (running a 5k on the treadmill both times) but I did a lot of walking so I figured that was good.  I also ate very well.  I kept within my calorie limit on all but maybe two days and those days were only over by a couple (and mainly due to beer). I have a weakness for trying local brews when travelling. I took along a lot of food with me to help when I could not find a healthy option. In all reality I always found a decent option.  One day I had a buffalo burger. That was really good and minus the bun was very healthy.

Well instead of talking more about health and fitness and then posting pics of me looking like I just woke up I will end this here. Instead here are a few pics from my trip.



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