Weigh-In: Week 15 – The Week I Lost 50 lbs.

Week of 08-12 through 08-18 in the year of our Lord 2011
This is the first weigh-in of the rest of my life. Here are the results for week 15:

Today: 281.4 lbs.
Last Week: 287.4 lbs.
Week Difference: -6 lbs.
Total Loss: 53.2 lbs.

Well there you have it folks. I have lost over 50 pounds in 15 weeks (a little over 3 months) and I have not been dieting and I have not taken any pills and I have not done anything that is unhealthy. I have been eating well, and only occasionally ending a day with my stomach growling. And I have been working out on a regular basis (almost daily), without killing myself in the process.

I think my body must have been gearing up for this loss last week with such an insignificant move. Darn you body and your emotional trickery! I am not made of iron!

I am over half-way to losing 100 pounds. I feel pretty good about this.  I feel like this is a pretty significant milestone in my journey. I don’t think anything can stop me. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit proud of myself. But enough about me…

This is a mental game folks. I will keep saying that over and over, because it is fact. You cannot lose weight if your head is not in the game. And sometimes you will have trouble even if your head IS in the game. No product out there is going to MAKE you lose weight. No fad diet is going to GIVE you long term weight loss. The only way to do this folks is to eat right and exercise. There is NO quick and easy way.  If you want to learn to be a pro football player you have to train and practice constantly. If you want to be a virtuoso flugel-horn musician in the West 43rd Philharmonic then you have to practice, practice, practice.  But study, study, study as well. If you adopt poor form or style it will take even more effort to reach your goals.  Educate yourself on proper technique and then put it in to practice. If you are serious about losing weight then you must put forth the effort. I am not the first person to realize this nor will I be the last. But what I can attest to is that IT WORKS! 🙂

< – i am no Bear Bryant so I hope that sounded motivational and not patronizing – >

Here are the obligatory weight loss self-pics. Don’t laugh, I’m getting there…



Make sure to check out the updated Commitment to Louie’s Kids page to see how much is going to be donated!


Until next week’s weigh-in,

Put down the kettle-corn, pick up the kettle-bell.


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