Weigh-In: Week 16 – The Week I Broke into the 270’s

Week of 08-19 through 08-25 in the year of our Lord 2011
This is the first weigh-in of the rest of my life. Here are the results for week 16:

Today: 279.4 lbs.
Last Week: 281.4 lbs.
Week Difference: -2 lbs.
Total Loss: 55.2 lbs.

Did you see my last post with progress pictures? My wife commented that as my weight goes down, my pictures reflect a happier and more confident person. (Well maybe that is not the exact way she worded it, but that is how I read it. Selective literacy runs in my family)

I didn’t really think about it before but she is right. Even though I do not feel entirely different, my emotion is evident on my face. Hell, I didn’t even take a picture of my face on the initial weigh in.  And now I have some sort of quasi-arrogant smirk on my face. I swear I didn’t do it on purpose.

I have been one of those people who avoided having my picture taken but I am starting to feel better about myself and I didn’t even realize it.  There are actual periods of my life that I do not have pictures of myself because I did everything in my power to avoid being captured on film like the Great Peach Elephant in the room. (Peach is what my little girl calls her skin color) The only pics of me from those times are ones where I am not the subject (just a person in the background b/c I didn’t know someone was taking a pic) or I am a flash on the screen as I dive out of the way of someone trying to capture my likeness. I will have to see if I can dig some of those up. If you have any pics of me like that please let me know. I am not so ashamed of them anymore and would like to see them for research and posterity.

I have been really slammed up lately and have not posted as many blogs as I have in the past, but I assure you that I still have a lot to say. So don’t you worry your pretty little self. I will have some new interesting topics forthcoming.

In the meantime here are the requisite weekly weigh in pictures. Who is that smiley guy?


I have also decided to start taking a close up of my face to be able to compare at a later date.


Don’t forget to get in on the Turkey Jerky action (giveaway) and also be sure to check out the updated Commitment to Louie’s Kids page to see how much is going to be donated!


Until next week’s weigh-in,

Put down the kettle-corn, pick up the kettle-bell.

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