Weigh-In: Week 21 – The Week I Broke into the 260’s.

Week of 09-23 through 09-29 in the year of our Lord 2011
This is the first weigh-in of the rest of my life. Here are the results for week 21:

Today: 268.8 lbs.
Last Week: 270.8 lbs.
Week Difference: -2 lbs.
Total Loss: 65.8 lbs.
Body Fat: 22.4 % 
Lean Mass: 46.0%  
Blood Pressure: N/A
BMI: 33.6 (-0.2)

I have been sweating this week. Now that I say that I realize that it has double meaning.

I have been trying to workout harder this week. So, quite literally, I HAVE been sweating buckets.  I do not know if I sweat more than the normal person, but my clothes tend to think so. I come home from the gym soaking wet and I have to let my clothes air dry before I even put them in the gym clothes hamper.  That way they don’t mildew from all of my man water. We have to keep a separate hamper (really just a fancy way of saying plastic basket) for my gym clothes because they are so gross.  Anyone else have this issue?  Maybe I have hyper-hydrosis. Maybe I am just a sweaty, sweaty man. I guess being part yeti might have something to do with it. Who knows…

I have also been figuratively sweating this week.  I am one of those obsessive fools who weighs themselves every single day. I just want to know what’s going on, but it is not necessarily the best thing to do for the sake of your mental health. I always weigh in more on Fridays than I do on my regular weigh in day of Thursday.  then Saturday I usually weigh in even less than the previous Thursday. Sunday through Wednesday I tend to jump around but usually by Wednesday night I have a inkling what my Thursday weigh in is going to look like.   This week I thought I might have my first negative week, because all week I have been weighing in almost 5 pounds heavier than my last weigh in. At one point I even was up 7 pounds.

The great thing is that I know that it is almost impossible to gain that much actual weight in one week with the way I am eating.  I am just not taking in enough calories to cause an actual weight gain like that.   I am no nutritionist or anything but I do know that it takes somewhere around 3,500 calories to gain one pound. I don’t care if that isn’t exact, you catch what I am saying… So I know that I did not eat 17,500 calories this week. Is it water retention? Beer retention? Is it other life problems that are weighing on me and pushing down on the scale as well? Could it be my time of the month? If so then I have more issues than I realized. I may have to get that checked out.  Regardless, when it came down to hitting the scale I came up with another 2 pound loss.  I’m nothing if not a worry-wart.  I will be drinking twice as much water this week to try and flush out the emotional baggage I am carrying.  Think that will work? Yeah, me either.  Maybe beer will do the trick…

I did not have my regular camera this week so here is a picture of myself from the future. I have a time machine. No more questions…


Be sure to check out the updated Commitment to Louie’s Kids page to see how much is going to be donated.

Until next week’s weigh-in,

Remember that all is permissible but not all is profitable…

11 comments to Weigh-In: Week 21 – The Week I Broke into the 260’s.

  • your wife

    I don’t know if I believe that’s future you. I mean, you would never really shave off your beard or wear a long necklace and slacks… (sorry I had the regular camera)

  • Marc

    Super proud of you for pushing through and continuing to lose weight. A lot of people would have bowed under the pressure by now. It is nice to see someone set a goal, and work tirelessly to achieve it. Hard work = sweat. You are just working harder than most to shed all the physical, mental, and emotional weight.
    Keep it up. Next stop 250’s.

  • Jo Anna

    I am coming to your neck of the woods for a girl’s weekend in October. I think my sister and I are going to run the Avondale 5k. Do you know anything about the course? All I know is I heard the after race party includes cold beer…

  • Wow, that future photo made me laugh! That’s actually SOOOOO cool! Congratulations on staying at it and breaking through, Hank.

    Good post!

    (And may the water retention/beer retention/time of month leave you alone now!) =)

  • Trey

    Future Hank looks suspiciously like someone who may be on Present Crystal’s list. I might need to keep you two apart when that happens.

  • kaysi

    “Could it be my time of the month?” HAHA!!! Hank, you crack me up!! Love that you still came up with a loss this week even with the scale jumping around… I HATE it when that happens!! Hope it got its fill of playing tricks on you this past week and treats you better this coming week!! Keep on keepin’ on!

  • Glenn
    Twitter: FatBrain262

    I really love your web site … and especially the accountability and reporting you deliver on your progress. It’s quite impressive as well as inspiring. I was following another very popular site recently until I learned the author has made very little, if any, progress after 3 or 4 years.

    After peeking and poking around the site, it became clear to me the the author has no concrete goals, is not tracking progress, doesn’t account results to her readers or even weigh in for that metter. Well … duh! Although touted as a “weight loss blog”, the author spends more time talking about her dog, vacations and her upcoming wedding than sharing real goals and accounting on progress – which imo is the best reason to follow weight loss blogs. I want to see progress pictures! I want to see declining numbers (profits)! I want to read what someone is thinking and doing everyday who is doing what I want to do – making great strides toward a huge goal. And that’s clearly you, dude!

    You are really knocking it out of the park! I think you’ve helped inspire me to start my own blog and document my weight loss journey. It’s something I’ve been contemplating for a while now, so don’t be surprised at all if my new blog pops onto the rader this weekend!

    • hank

      Thanks Glen. I appreciate the feedback. I follow a lot of other folks and there have been some folks that I even question whether or not they care about losing weight or do they just want an audience. At least I have admitted that I want both! 🙂

  • your wife

    ha! Trey you crack me up!

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