Weigh-In: Week 22 – The Week I Didn’t Have a Witty Headline

Week of 09-30 through 10-06 in the year of our Lord 2011
This is the first weigh-in of the rest of my life. Here are the results for week 22:

Today: 267 lbs.
Last Week: 268.8 lbs.
Week Difference: -1.8 lbs.
Total Loss: 67.6 lbs.
Body Fat: 22.5 % 
(+0.1 (boo))
Lean Mass: 43.6%  
(-2.4 (huh?))
Blood Pressure: N/A
BMI: 33.4 (-0.2)



“…because he’s racing and pacing and plotting the course, he’s fighting and biting and riding on his horse…He’s going the distance…”

I had an interesting thought this morning on the way to the gym.

I was thinking about how far I have come. And then I started relating it to my daily workouts. I really don’t mind working out at all. Except for the first ten minutes. If I can get past the first ten minutes then it is all downhill from there. When I hop up onto the treadmill and I start dropping feet as the pulley spins, I have to force myself to keep going for that first bit.  I will have conversations with myself in my head. They go something like this…

Ok, there is no way you can do this for a full 50 minutes today.  Why don’t you just run for 5 minutes and then walk for a while and then run for a little more and then quit.  That will be enough….No! I can do this.  I am running for a full 30 minutes before I even think about taking a “walk-break”…

or like this at the gym…

There is no need to workout for an hour today.  Why don’t you just do some easy stuff for 30 minutes and then sit in your car for 20 minutes. No, that is too heavy. Try that sissy dumbbell over there…No, shut up! I am on fire! I am going the distance even if I throw up!

Sounds like the mind of a completely sane and rational man, doesn’t it. Well, regardless of my sanity, I HAVE noticed that once I get past that first 10 minutes, I feel fine and the thoughts of quitting leave my head.  I ACTUALLY end up pushing myself a little more and usually get a pretty good workout because of it.

But let’s go back to that thought I had this morning.

I realized that even though I have lost 68 pounds so far, I still have a long way to go.  I have 32 pounds to lose to reach 100 pounds lost.  I REALLY need to lose about 52 more pounds to get to weight that I think will be best for my frame.  (I have come to the conclusion that if I can settle around 215 pounds, that will be just about perfect) So I really do have a long way to go still.  But I have done the hard part I think.  I really think that as long as I can maintain the lifestyle that I have set for myself, then I should have no problem reaching that weight.  The first 10 minutes is over.  I have the rest to coast downhill.

Ha! Yeah right!

But seriously, I know how to do it now.  The first three or four months of this was where I was going to fail. It didn’t happen. So now I am going the distance. I’m not going for speed.  I’ve raced and paced and plotted the course. Now I am fighting and biting and staying on the horse. I’m going the distance.

Now that I have had my Cake and listened to it too, he are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.


Such a beautiful punim..

And how about this pic for proof of what an epic workout I had this morning (do I have to drop a buck in the d-bag jar for saying “epic”?)…


Be sure to check out the updated Commitment to Louie’s Kids page to see how much is going to be donated.

Until next week’s weigh-in,

Remember that all is permissible but not all is profitable…


8 comments to Weigh-In: Week 22 – The Week I Didn’t Have a Witty Headline

  • yanicka

    You are doing a great job. I have noticed that you are losing muscle mass. Since you do not have to move as much mass all day long it is understandable but I was wondering how much protein you are eating? Perso, I am 125 pounds and eat between 100 and 120g of protein a day. Anything less and I start losing muscle mass. At my weight, any dip in my metabolism is a very bad thing.Good luck

    • hank

      I usually eat around 125-135 grams of protein a day. I am also not 100% sure of the accuracy of my lean mass percentage. I wish I had a more accurate tool, but it is what it is… Thanks for reading!

  • Whitney
    Twitter: ForestersFight

    You’re starting to look like a skinny guy! And I’m not joking…keep up the good work. You’re over the hill and it’s a downhill coast from here. Always proud of you my friend.

  • kaysi

    Pretty sure I have the same sort of conversations in my head almost DAILY over something or other. Keep on keepin’ on!

  • Tom

    Great post–you’re right, it’s all about persistence and staying on track. Like you, I know I’ll reach my goal too!

  • Jocelyn

    I thought you lost so much weight that you had a thigh gap… then I looked closer and realized it is just the draw string on your shorts. Great job! Keep going! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog.

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