Weigh-In: Week 32 – The Week of No Scale Change

Week of 12-09 through 12-15 in the year of our Lord 2011
This is the first weigh-in of the rest of my life. Here are the results for week 32:

Today: 256.4 lbs.
Last Week: 256.4 lbs.
Week Difference: 0.0 lbs.
Total Loss: 78.2 lbs.
Body Fat: 20.8 % 
Lean Mass: 42.0%  
Blood Pressure: N/A
BMI: 32.0 (-0.0 )

Well, what can I say? I really wanted to hit the 80 lbs lost mark today, but in all honesty I knew last night that I wasn’t going to hit it. To be quite honest, I thought I would have a gain this week based on the initial weigh-in intelligence that was collected through covert missions in the dark depths of insomnia last eve.

Frustrating to say the least. The Beast should be able to push right through without ever seeing a gain or a break even. I am a weight loss blogger, right? You didn’t come here to read about me NOT losing weight. Aww sh*t. That is how I feel.

Ok. Now that I have gotten that off my chest I can move on and tell you about some other thoughts.

I do not want to live just to see the number on the scale drop. I DO WANT it to drop, but there is more to this journey to a healthy lifestyle than just losing weight. Is that a cop out for not losing weight this week? Call it what you will, but I think you know what I mean.  I can feel myself, on a daily basis, getting more fit and more healthy regardless of what the scale says this week.  I DO WANT to lose around 35 or 40 more pounds. Maybe more. BUT I am also starting to understand that my body might not agree with me. We shall see what happens.

In the meantime I have decided to change up my weight routine a good bit.  For the past several months I have been doing virtually the same thing each time I go to the gym.  I would warm up on the manual treadmill. Then I would do some assisted pull-ups and squats on a squat machine thingy and throw in some crunch machine crunches. I would do a circuit of that and then maybe run some intervals for 5 or 10 minutes. Then I would do some chest presses on a machine and maybe some machine overhead presses and bicep curls. Then some more running.  I would also throw some leg presses and curls in depending on what day it was.

I started realizing that it was all too easy now.

I am not necessarily a fan of the Crossfit lifestyle. You may even remember that I referred to them as a “cult” at one point in a #fitblogchat (but not the crazy-kill-yourself-because-a-comet-told-you-to type. More like the fun-and-intriguing-and-draws-you-in-but-you-are-still-a-little-too-afraid-to-commit-so-you-sit-on-the-sidelines-for-a-while type…) So with that being said, I am a fan of the commitment to overall body strength training in their workouts and how they are not so worried with isolation weight training.  Because of my interest in that aspect, I have been reading up on the NerdFtiness.com website a lot lately.  Nerd Fitness has some great tips on weight training and leveling up your life. My reading has encouraged me to start moving away from weight machines and move more towards free weights and body weight exercises. It has also convinced me to simplify my weight training workouts.  I want to be concentrating on squats, pull ups, push ups, deadlifts, body rows, overhead presses, lunges, chin ups, and dips. These are multi-plane compound exercises.  I started this week and I am more sore than I was the first time I ever worked out. I figure that means I am doing something right. Yay for feeling like you are doing something right!

I am NOT, however, going to give up on running.  I actually like running. I will be doing more interval training when I am at the gym and using the treadmill at home, but I will still be running outside for as long and far as I can. The crossfitters typically are not big on long distance running cardio (generalization I am sure…please correct me if I am wrong…).

Ok. So what do you think? Is this a beast way to go about things?

Holla at me you crossfitting muscle monsters.


In other news, I would love for you guys to send me some of your best Beast Face pictures. They can be just your beast face up close, or they can be while lifting weights, or running, or eating or whatever.  Just send them in along with a name, twitter@, url, whatever.  I am going to start a page of Team Beast Face pictures.

Do you have the beast within? Then send your outward expression of that inner beast over to hhanna [at] gmail.com.
As soon as I get a handful I will post them on a dedicated page.

Until next week’s weigh-in,

Remember that all is permissible but not all is profitable…

Beast face out.


5 comments to Weigh-In: Week 32 – The Week of No Scale Change

  • Sam

    i’m intrigued by the cross-fit approach. never tried a session before, but i like their lifestyle attitude.

    found you through fitfluential 🙂

  • Michelene Cleary
    Twitter: michelenecleary

    Just met with my trainer this morning to redo my plan for 2012. This year I spent a lot of time running and did too much cardio which kept my % bodyfat from going down like I want. 2012 is more focused on a split weight routine and a varied cardio routine with only 1 day a week for running until I get that % number down.

    You should change up your weight routine every 4-6 weeks or you will adjust and the benefits will slow down. http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=4257548 This has been one of my most popular blogs about the scale and how much emphasis we put on it. Hope you’ll read and enjoy the cartoons.

  • Bonnie
    Twitter: bonnielang

    I can sense the discouragement with the no weight loss, but I can also sense your excitement to move forward and change things up in the process! And it truly is still an accomplishment to not gain – at some point, maintaining will become your new challenge. 😀

    As for CrossFit, I hear you on the cult-but-not-cult type thing. Although I’ve never done it, I LOVE the idea of it and as a personal trainer have totally changed the style in which I train people. From isolated moves of set reps and rounds to full body/compound muscle movements and high intensity interval training. Not just on a treadmill or outside running, but changing up your strength training routine so your heart rate’s challenged, you’re going to fatigue, spending a short amount of time in the gym but pushing your intensity level high. The more I read the more i believe in it, and I love the way it makes me feel and the changes I’ve seen. So I’d say you’re on the right track! Functional, compound muscle exercises burn the most amount of calories and make sense for daily life.

    Gotta find a beast picture or send one it – here’s to the beast within (you!) – great new plan. 🙂

    • hank

      Thanks for the feedback Bonnie! My discouragement is more about my desire for instant gratification for sure. But I also understand that I am in this for the long haul. Send that beast pic my way! 🙂

  • Laura
    Twitter: Marual

    Hey man. I’ve done Crossfit.. it is a total ass kicker! TOTAL! it is a commitment. It is different than running long. I like to run long. 😀 I also like to lift heavy and mix it up. 😉 I think your current approach is muy bueno and I like what Mr. NerdFitness has to say!

    You always have to remember to progress your workouts. You get the run longer/run faster goal. You need a lift MORE goal w/ the lifting thing. I love love love that you are looking more to do body weight and free weight work. Employs many more muscles, balance, proprioception.

    CF is good … I do like it. But, for me, it doesnt fit right this moment. I need to run.. a lot.. right now and CF makes it hard for me to do this…. and I know you CFers are going to tell me there is NO NEED to run that much. 🙂 I disagree/digress.

    Good on you for looking at the scale in a different way and for changing up your routine. While you have a goal number in mind… be ready to be flexible as you get closer to it…. adding muscle could change the number and your body might have a different idea about what that ‘magic’ number is. 😀

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