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I am not really a fan of the gym.  As a matter of fact I have this really weird irrational fear of the gym.  Well, it is more a fear of the people who go there. I have always been afraid that if I went to the gym, people would stand around and look at me and make fun of me.  I am afraid they will wonder how much sweat could possibly come out of one single human being.  I said it was irrational.  Don’t judge me (especially if you are at the gym).

Here is what I realized.

People are to self-absorbed to worry about the fat guy at the gym.  They could care less if there is a fat guy working out there.  And guess what! Everybody at the gym sweats. Well, everybody except the plastic people who have had their sweat glands removed with their last botox treatment.

Uh oh.  Now who’s being judgemental…

So to continue, I went to the gym today. It took all of the gumption I could muster, but I went because I knew it would be good for me.

As a side note, my profession is property management.  We manage rental properties on Daniel Island,  SC as well as other Charleston rentals. It just so happens that we rent property to a very cool person named Amanda Roush. Amanda is a personal trainer who has trained several of the Biggest Loser contestants.  (Her website is http://www.amandaroush.com) Well we happened to have lunch with her last week on separate business, but she had done her research and let me know that she knew about this journey that I am on.  She invited my business partner and I over to the gym where she trains (Eco Fitness) and gave us a week pass to come check out the gym and the classes.

So we went this morning to lift weights.  I lifted weights a little in college with some guys, but never on a regular basis.  Today was the first time I have done it in more than 10 years.  Anyway, we went in and guess what? No one stared at me. No one, except my bud Terrell who was in lifting.  We talked a bit and he said he thought it would be great if I came to work out there more often.  Wow. That is a good start. So then we started lifting using free weights, a squat machine, and that thing where you sit down and pull the bar to your chest.  Amanda came over and gave me some tips on form and method.  It was much appreciated.  I don’t even know the name of all of the lifts we did, but I know it was a full upper body workout.  We hit it for about 45 minutes before I was done.  My arms pretty much couldn’t take any more.

But it felt good.

I think the plan is to get a membership and try weight and strength training three times a week.  Then maybe the US Pro/Am Arm Wrestling Circuit. But who knows…


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  • John Caspian
    Twitter: johncaspian

    Hey, nice pic! You shaved your beard!

  • Trey

    Cool, I bet having a little professional guidance will be a big help, especially when you’re just getting started.

    Also, that is probably the grossest bodybuilding pic I have ever seen.

  • Amanda Roush is the best trainer ever! She has helped me reach my goals, and she can help you too:)

  • Not to mention she is a really nice person! 🙂

  • Rob

    I’ve just seen this post and I realise it’s a couple of years old, however I guess there are a few others who might be reading the blog from scratch (as I am). I just wanted to say that nobody should be scared of the gym. Big words I know, but often our fears can be trumped by logic and that is how I approach things.

    I’m not obese, but I am overweight and believe me, 10 or 100 pounds overweight – you feel the same things as each other. For example; clothes don’t fit so well, general lack of fitness, lack of body confidence, awkward body posture, gait and mannerisms used to hide the extra pounds etc.

    So anyway, I joined a gym recently and have started to shift the pounds. I was slightly intimidated at first, then I slowly, logically started to analyse the people around me.

    There are undoubtedly quite a few narcissists in tight tops who spend all their time on the weights. These people do often glance around the gym, but you know what? They’re not checking you out, they’re checking themselves out and scanning for people who may be secretly admiring them. As a caveat, clearly there are plenty of decent normal weights obssessed people who have good physiques and who don’t do this, but there are plenty who do. The ones who do are not a threat to you, nor are they judging you – they are thinking about themselves. Period.

    Then I looked over at the cardio machines – treadmill/elliptical/stairs/bikes. I saw really serious runners with headphones on, completely focused on their task and full dedication to their own fitness. These people finish their workouts, stretch down and slowly walk out of the gym in relief that another tough session is over. They couldn’t care less about the rest of us.

    Then to be honest, the rest of us were all at the gym for the same reason. I saw older women and new mums all trying to shift some pounds. I saw older guys and younger guys with bellies and moobs simply trying to be healthier and lose weight. I looked for wedding rings and there were plenty – all of these people no doubt thinking about their families and how they could be around for them, be fitter for them and set a good example for them. All of these people had and have precisely the same insecurities and fears as you or I have.

    When I analysed it like that, I suddenly realised that the gym is a safe haven. It’s actually full of people like you and me trying to better our health, lives and that of those around us.

    • hank

      Glad you found the site and glad you left these words. Thanks for chiming in. It is a relief to know that others have dealt with and overcome the same obstacles that I have encountered!

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