Week 55 – What Doesn’t Kill You

Week of 05-18 through 05-24 in the year of our Lord 2012
This is the first weigh-in of the rest of my life. Here are the results for week 55:

Last Week: 251.8 lbs.
Week Difference: N/A
Total Loss: 82.8 lbs.
Waist: 41.25 inches (-0.0)
Neck: 15.75 inches (-0.0)
Body Fat Percentage: 31.5% 
BMI: 31.5 (-0.0 )



It is week 55 of my weight loss journey to health and fitness. This is probably the toughest week that I have had. I did not work out Sunday. I crushed a kettlebell class on Monday. I did nothing on Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Or today. I didn’t even weigh myself today.

My little girl graduated from kindergarten today and that was what I did this morning. Then I had to watch the Boy King while the Wifey went to work. I probably could have weighed in sometime during that chaotic adventure, but I didn’t. Then I just decided not to even bother.

But that bothers me.

I know for a fact that there would not have been much of a change on the scale this week. But the fact that I DID NOT even bother to record that insignificance is a symptom of a bigger problem, I believe. I feel like I am getting complacent.

Even though I have changed my workout routine, quite significantly, I find it getting harder and harder to continue to measure my foods and log what I have been eating. The exercise has been crazy. Crushing bridge runs and kettlehells. BUT, anyone who keeps up with my food diary will know that I have been inconsistent at best in logging my food over the past month. ARRRGHHHH!  It is eating me up.

I also have been having A LOT of problems getting motivated to write lately. Or even be creative in anything. My creativity has been [enter a witty comparison here that will make you laugh]. Boo. I wonder if the Boo Hag have done got me. Suckin on my bref. (that one might take some research on your part…)

So that being said…allow me to apologize for a crappy week of nothingness.

I promise that I will get back on the wagon and make you proud. And that is all I have to say about that.

Me. Out.


4 comments to Week 55 – What Doesn’t Kill You

  • Susan Scrupski
    Twitter: ITSinsider

    OH nooo! I read your blog and subscribe to you on Facebook. I’m caught in the same ennui and need you to keep going!! Not sure my neediness will motivate you, but wanted you to know, someone cares. 🙂

  • Jan

    Maybe you’re burned out from the process and cutting something out could help without having a negative impact. Now that you’ve spent over a year training yourself on how to eat healthy, is it necessary to keep a food log anymore? I’ve never tried doing this before, so maybe it is a MUST. But I feel like you have a very strong grasp on what is good for you and what are healthy portions. Just my two cents. You’re still amazing! 🙂

  • Jackie Finn

    You are an inspiration to many…. And I ripped you off on my FB post yesterday. I was suffering from Dragon Ass. C’mon! People are quoting you – that means something, right?

    You’re in a rut & I think the fact that you notice is a big accomplishment – before you decided to begin publishing your weight loss journey, you didn’t think twice about ANY of this! So take a little comfort in the fact that you noticed you didn’t track your food, or get on the scale, or didn’t lose any weight. Every now & then we need to be distracted by the pleasures of being alive, of going to Kindergarten graduations & taking care of our babies.

    Now chase dat Boo Hag outta here! Git!

  • Wee Wifey

    Welcome to complacency… where I live. And yo-yo back and forth, up and down the scale. Complacency is not a good place to live. :/ Obviously I don’t know how to move out of the Complacencyville.

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