What I Learned From Gold Rush

If you have never seen the television show Gold Rush then this post will NOT make a whole lot of sense to you. If you ARE familiar, however, you should be pleased with the content of this post. I accept all forms of flattery which includes but is not limited to positive feedback, Facebook “likes,” high fives, perfumed emails, and, of course, Lowes gift cards.

Have you guys ever watched the show Gold Rush on The Discovery Channel? I am completely obsessed with it.

I have learned a lot from that show.  I am about to drop a knowledge bomb on you and relate the Gold Rush in Alaska to my weight loss journey. Are you ready to be amazed?

Here are the things that I learned from Gold Rush and how they relate to weight loss and health:

1. The Rush is On.
Because of the price of gold right now (somewhere around $1600 per ounce) people are going crazy up in Alaska trying to mine for it. Some are practically breaking their necks trying to jump on this bandwagon.  The Hoffman’s have packed up and moved to Alaska in the hopes of mining gold and getting rich. They are not the only ones. Dakota Fred thinks he knows how to do it better so he  left his family in North Dakota in order to head north.  Parker Schnabel might be young but he is on the hunt on his grandfather’s claim. The rush for the gold is causing everyone to push themselves and their equipment to the brink (and sometimes past) of failure.  It is taking a toll on them and yet they are willing to risk everything with no regard to their limits.

There is another type of rush in America as well. The rush to lose weight. People here are going to extreme measures to try and reach the prize of losing 10,20,50 or even 100 pounds. They are willing to try anything that might help them lose a few pounds, a lot of times at great risk to their own health.  It doesn’t help that our society already pushes almost unattainable standards of beauty.  People are so obsessed that they will do anything and not think twice about it. Don’t let your weight become an obsession. Understand that getting healthy is the goal. Losing weight is just a by-product.

2. Jumping In Head First is Dangerous.
The Hoffman’s are so  dangerously consumed with finding gold that they are trying to jump right in with almost no knowledge of mining. It is sometimes obvious that they are idiots. Ok, ok. It is ALWAYS obvious. They bungle around wasting hours and weeks of precious time. They do not know how to use their equipment.  Instead of using facts and logic, they rely on hunches and hopes. It is infuriating.

We as a society have this problem as well. We are so dangerously obsessed with weight loss that we often jump right into crash diets or, God forbid, pharmaceuticals that promise dramatic results in 30 days or less.  Our eyes see the glittery prize, but we do not understand that there is a means to the end. There is the right way to go about getting healthy and there is the wrong way. Choosing the wrong way could be detrimental to you. Set goals and, before you get started, understand how you are going to safely and efficiently reach those goals.

 3. When in Doubt, Ask.
As alluded to in the previous point, the Hoffman’s are idiots.  It seems like every episode is full of the Hoffman’s jumping into something with no advice or help from experts. The dad is the worst. He is always trying to do things on his own. Instead of asking for advice or help, he often does whatever he feels and causes huge mistakes with his stubbornness in the meantime. In one episode the guys waste a full week and thousands of dollars clearing a piece of land to mine with no knowledge of whether or not there is gold underneath.  They are soon told that the land they spent time and money clearing had already been mined several years before. If only they have done a drill test, they would have known. This causes their crew to start getting fed up and they threaten to leave.

We waste a lot of time and energy trying to do things on our own. Lord knows I have.  There are so many of us who want to get fit, but we are unwilling to do a little research or talk to some experts. We would rather just eat what we “think” is healthy or just “guess” at how many calories are in that or  workout on the machines that “seem” like they would help us lose weight.  We waste time and energy and when the results aren’t there it causes distress, and ultimately can lead to giving up. Take some time learning about the best ways for you to get healthy. Talk to the right people and make friends with those who are doing it the right way. In the end your body will thank you.

4. You Have to Dig Deep and Get Dirty to Find the Gold.
In order to find gold in the Klondike in Alaska, you have to dig down past the layers of  perma-frost. As you are digging it out it starts melting and the the whole thing turns into a big muddy mess. But the pay dirt is underneath the mess. You just have to dig for it. It hurts. It is time consuming. Your equipment gets beat up. You get dirty. But underneath is the gold.

If you want to find to prize, then you are going to have to dig. That means putting time AND effort into your new healthy lifestyle. That means getting sweaty, whether you like it or not. What is the prize worth to you? A little sweat and soreness? A little more vegetables and a lot less soda? I think you can handle it. Besides, fitting into those normal size pants is so worth the salt in my eyes when I am running.  Your health is worth it. YOU are worth it.

5. Finding Gold is Awesome.
I don’t know if the Hoffman’s or Dakota Fred are going to find any gold this season, but young Parker has already found some. The smile on his face when he panned it out was enough to know that it was a great day. His hard work and patience paid off. His attention to details and understanding of how mining works led to his discovery. And finding that little bit was motivation to get out there the next day and find some more gold.

Getting healthy is awesome too. I am feeling better mentally, physically and even emotionally.  Setting goals and reaching for those goals until you hit them is great.  And hitting one goal gives you the energy and motivation to reach for the next. Gold might have monetary worth, but your health has eternal worth. Find it.


So there you have it. Your health should be as valuable to you as gold. You should not be obsessed with your weight, but instead concerned with your health.  You should not dive in without some knowledge of how you are going to reach your goals. If you aren’t sure, ask someone. There are plenty of folks out there willing to help you reach your goals. It is going to take time and effort. And if you aren’t sweaty you might not be doing it right. And finally… IT IS ALL WORTH THE EFFORT.

Health is worth your weight in gold.



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  • Krissie J
    Twitter: phillynerdgirl

    Your blog posts keep getting more and more awesome! 🙂 Even though I haven’t watched the show, I knew exactly what you meant with every point. Great, great post!

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