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I have been getting asked pretty often to post more about the types of foods I am eating. I have been meaning to do this, but for some reason I always forget when it comes to writing the post. Well I am going to try and post at least once weekly about food. Prepare to lick your chops.

When I cared less about the food that I was consuming, I would go to buffet restaurants often. You the the types. All You Can Eat. Like the Golden Horse Trough. I may as well have just pulled a chair up to the buffet with the way I would eat.  Seconds were a given. Sometimes I would go back for thirds. I am surprised that I never was asked to leave. It may say “All You can Eat” but I don’t think their bottom line counted on folks like me.

Now that I am more concerned with fueling my body with the appropriate octanes, I almost never go to a buffet style restaurant. I encourage you to avoid the Golden Trough type of places if you are trying to lose weight. There is no need to test your self-control.

Instead, I like to go to Whole Foods for lunch. I know that not all of my readers have access to Whole Foods so I apologize for rubbing it in.  Whole Foods has a hot bar and a salad bar that will knock your socks off.  It is easy [for me] to eat well here.

Here is an example of a lunch that I had this week.

What you see on my plate there is about 4 ounces of steamed broccoli, a half cup of sauteed bok choy, a half cup of roasted butternut squash, a quarter cup of edamame salad, and about 3 ounces of turkey meatloaf. All in all this meal was less than 400 calories. It was filling and it is GREAT nutritionally.

Do you have a reliable place that you frequent that serves healthy food?


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  • I have become a huge fan of the local chains that publish their nutritional information and happily modify dishes. Even at my favorite burger joint in Houston, Becks Prime, I can eat a meal of lean meat, vegetables, and healthy fats that stays within my calorie goals for the day. Sure, it is a little high on sodium, but I can control that with what I eat at other meals. Whole Foods always has great options, but my friends who aren’t watching what they eat always appreciate being able to get a burger & fries while I’m eating grilled tuna and a salad.

  • Ricking Ball

    Is there a place you can find the nutritional content of the items at the whole foods deli and food bars? I tried looking on the web site, but couldn’t find anything.

    Just eyeballing your plate there, I’m thinking it can’t be more than 10 Weight Watchers points.

    • hank

      There isn’t a place to find out the specific nutrition info for the hot bar food, HOWEVER, all of the ingredients are listed on the tag above the food so it is easy to figure out.

  • Deb
    Twitter: debslosingit

    Unfortunately, the two places with the friendliest menus, according to their published nutritional info, are Wendy’s, and Applebees. Everywhere else we’ve been has been a nightmare in finding something that fits with my plan.

  • Tanya
    Twitter: runinboise

    When I was in Seattle for my marathon a few months ago, I was lucky enough to have the hotel I was at, walking distance close to the marathon start line and whole foods! I ate at whole foods everyday during my stay. Boise won’t get one for at least another year.

    I think I make myself the best healthy food, but if I need a quick lunch close to my work, I usually go for a Wendys salad.

  • Deetz "Hank's Hot Wife" hanna

    and at Whole Foods it’s okay if your kids are loud in the group cafeteria 🙂

  • My boyfriend & I don’t really go out to eat that often – we became vegetarian back in September 2009 so we could obviously still go to restaurants, but typical places like Applebees and such barely had anything on the menu that was even vegetarian, except the appetizers of chips and dip.

    We just went vegan January 1st, so going out to eat will be a rarity…there is a pretty awesome place maybe half a mile from us called Seniorita Burrita that has incredible and gigantic (like, 2 meals gigantiic) burritos, and they have a separate vegan and vegetarian section; plus you can build your own! So that’s usually where we go around here.

    http://www.senoritaburrita.net/ !!

  • Cat @Breakfast to Bed
    Twitter: CatTBowen

    is that the squash with the pomegranate arils? I FARKING LOVE IT.

  • Jan

    The other nice thing about Whole foods is that you pay per pound, so for some people, who’s self control on portion size is a bit challenged, they have self control with their wallet. The cost actually causes me to take a pause and think about the volume that I’m serving myself.

  • TheFatBusiness
    Twitter: thefatbusiness

    I am so envious. Your Whole Foods salad bar looks SO much better than mine! I’ll have to ask them to put out that turkey meatloaf.

  • Katie
    Twitter: fatfreequeen

    After being within 10 pounds of my goal for about a year I’ve finally learned self control at buffets. My family loves places like the “Golden Trough”. I always look at the calorie counts before I go to remind myself what I can and can’t eat. I also stack my first plate with veggies and a salad. My favorite places though are the Chinese buffets with the hibachi/Mongolian barbecue. I can stuff myself with as many plates as I want because I was the one who put it together.

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