Win a $1500 Trek Bike

That’s right. I said WIN A TREK BIKE. For reals.


If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you will know about my commitment to Louie’s Kids. If you are new to the site and haven’t had a chance to go back to the very first post I ever wrote and read all subsequent posts in chronological order, then I forgive you for not taking a couple of days off to catch up. But there is still plenty of time. So get on it…

I have a pretty cool announcement to make concerning my first triathlon.

 Trek Bicycle of Mount Pleasant has sponsored me and my buddy Jason Trotta with Chucktown Triathletes for the upcoming Charleston Sprint Triathlon. And let me tell you what we are doing about it! Jason, who is the freaking man, decided to use this opportunity to encourage Brian, a 17 year old young man who is one of Louie’s Kids, who had said he wanted to do a triathlon one day.  Trek is going to provide a bike for Brian to train on and provide us with team jerseys and encouragement. Jason and I will be working with Brian (even though in reality Jason will be working with me AND Brian) … But that isn’t all.

Trek is providing the bike you see in the picture above (2012 Trek Apex 2.1 Road Bike) to one lucky person who decides to support us and Louie’s Kids in the Tri For the Kids Bike Giveaway. If you think that you would like to own either the above bike, or a bike of the same value (or one of more value if you want to pay the difference) then the process is simple. A $10 donation will get you one entry to win the bike. A $40 donation will get you 5 entries to win the bike!  You can make as many $10 donations as you would like and every 4th entry will get you an extra one!

The money that is raised will go directly to Louie’s Kids, and will help them help treat childhood obesity and encourage other youngsters to get active.  Why wouldn’t you want to own this bike AND help a worthy cause!

Here is how you can do it… Go to the Tri For the Kids giveaway page, and give. The drawing for the bike will be on July 29th.

You know you want to own that bike. And help kids. Prove it by going to the page and making a donation!



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