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I am out of town right now and that is a great excuse not to work out. But guess what? I am a man of unusual dedication.  Also, I am a man unusual. But that is beside the point. Check out this pic from my new series, “Vanquishing Calories on Foreign Soil”  …

The heat release from that calorie burn probably could have powered a small nation, like Canada or something.

Also notice the product placement below the watch.  I wonder if Adidas reads my blog…Think they will sponsor me? Let’s see.

So on to the prize…


I assured you, the readers, that I would give away 3 copies of the new book Working Out Sucks by Anytime Fitness CEO Chuck Runyon based on your excuses for not working out. Well I am a Hanna, and a Hanna always pays his debts. (You hear that Bank of America? I said always! I just didn’t say timely. Stop hounding me…)

After a long and drawn out analysis of the comments left on the Working Out Sucks giveaway post, my lovely bride and I have come to the same conclusion. You guys have some wild excuses NOT to work out.

But alas, there were a few excuses that rode circles like a fish on a bicycle around the rest.
With no more further ado, here are the winning excuses along with excusees that used them…

“I have literally been pooped on and puked on by multiple members of this house today.  I’m going to grab a book and an adult beverage and soak in the tub until I’m a prune.  If I do mental push-ups in the tub that’s got to count for something, right?” – Jess

” I can’t find the cap to my water bottle. “ – Marla

“My iPod isn’t charged & I just can’t workout without music!” – Arthur

Jess, Marla, and Arthur, be on the look out for the postman to arrive in the near future. He will have your prize. If he doesn’t, tell him he better bring it soon because you’ve been making excuses NOT to workout and as soon as you DO starting working out you will be able to kick his/her postperson arse.

Thanks to all who participated in the giveaway. You all rock.  Remember that even if you didn’t win, the book is great and you should totally buy it.  Also, the proceeds from the book do not go to pad the CEO of Anytime Fitness’s wallet.  All profits from the book are being donated to the Limbs for Life organization, a global nonprofit organization providing prosthetic care for individuals who can’t otherwise afford it..

Coming up this week:
The 21-day Working Out Sucks Challenge from Anytime Fitness


Here is the part that I have to say. I know you will still love me at the end of the day though.
FitFluential LLC compensated me for this sponsored post.
All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  • christina

    Hey! I just wanted to encourage you and let you know that your posts encourage me. I’ve lost over 100 pounds and still have about 30 to go but really loved running into your website. Never give up and I can’t wait until your blog is able to be health tips on how to stay at your goal weight. 😉

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