Zapatos en Costa Rica

Hola mis amigos. En tres dias mas, voy a trabajar a Costa Rica con zapatos nuevos…

Oops. Sorry about that. Estoy practicando for my viaje afuera. I will turn off the Babelfish translate service now and finish en Ingles…

So I am leaving for Costa Rica on Thursday.  I am pretty excited to be travelling to Central America again. You may remember I went to Honduras last year. This upcoming trip, however,  is not about serving others, but instead is a pretty selfish macho-boy surf trip.  Suzy if you are reading this, I promise I will be coming back to Honduras soon… But that being said it is also a reward for reaching some of the goals that I set when I first started this journey.


So here is something cool that I wanted to tell you. As you know, and if I haven’t bludgeoned this deceased equine, I am in the middle of training for a half ironman triathlon. Well I am not going to have a bike while I am gone, and I will not have a pool to swim laps in while I am gone, and, oh yeah here’s the kicker, I am ONLY taking a carry-on bag with me so i won’t be able to take too much stuff with me while I am gone. So how do you ask will I maintain my rigorous schedule and stay the shredded beast of triathlon dominance? Running. I will have to run while I am away. I will have to run like the wind. But if I am only taking a carry-on bag, how will I fit my clunky size 13 running shoes in with my boardshorts and rash guard?

Enter my new friends at Saucony.

Saucony decided last week that they wanted me to try out a pair of their new Virrata running shoes.


The Saucony Virrata is a lightweight trainer that will easily fit into my carry-on bag because they are a minimalist type shoe with a mesh top and just enough cushioning to guard me from the road.  I can basically just shove them in anywhere and they will fit.  The timing on this is just perfect.

I own a couple of other pairs of minimalist type shoes, but I haven’t really like them for running. I think I may have even been a bit hesitant about these Virratas when I took them out of the box. However, I took them for a test run on the treadmill this weekend, and they felt great. I plan to run at least 3 of 5 days while I am in Costa, and when I get back I will give you a full lowdown on these new kicks.


I bet you are just waiting on bated breath aren’t you? I love you guys. You make me feel like a natural woman winner.

*Disclaimer: I received these Saucony shoes as a complimentary media sample as a FitFluential Ambassador. But I assume you already knew that. Don’t hate the blogger. Just hate the lame.

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