Week 81 – The Blahs


Hey you guys.

I am not feeling it right now. I am not motivated to write. I feel pressured by a lot of other things in my life that are outside of my control. It makes me want to just go get in bed.


Sleep Better

Raise your hand if you are overweight and you have trouble sleeping.

I count at least 11 people raising their hands.

Sleep apnea is a major problem for overweight folks. That is that thing where you stop breathing while you are asleep. You

Ignite Fitness Presentation


So you guys remember how I went to Baltimore several weeks ago for the Fitbloggin Conference and I was an Ignite Fitness presenter?

You don’t? Man. You guys need to pay closer attention.

Well IF you are interested to see my gloriously bearded mug

Week 79 – To Be Better or to Settle


Is it ever really simple?

I am having a dilemma this week. I am totally satisfied with my level of fitness right now. Except that I am not totally satisfied with my level of fitness right now at all.

I am currently in the best shape

Week 78 – One Legged Man in a Wheelchair


Hello shareholders, my faithful readers and followers of mine.

I wish I had some incredible weight loss news to post but I don’t.  Oh wait! I do have some incredible weight loss news! I have a guaranteed weight loss remedy that I posted yesterday.

Guaranteed Weight Loss


Hey folks. Here is what you have been looking for. I am about to write the most epic post about a guaranteed way to lose weight and lose it quickly.

Seriously, I mean lose it fast.

I bet you are sitting there thinking that it

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Week 77 – A Race to the Fitness


So it has now been 77 weeks since I told my fat self that I was ready to unleash my fit self. It has been 77 weeks since my fat self relented and accepted the fact that sedentary was no longer going to be

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