Health of Kids


I wrote a post back in September about how part of your (my) motivation for losing weight SHOULD be to model a healthy lifestyle to your (my) kids. We all want to be raising healthy kids. Active parents equal active children and active children are less likely

500 Yards


If chlorine is my perfume then consider me someone who smells good.

Yeah, that sounded much better in my head. Being cool like Miles Davis just wouldn’t work in this instance…

Regardless, working with a swimming coach is paying off in spades. Allow

Fat Surfing


If you will remember from my Year of the Snake post, I told you that I am going surfing in Costa Rica in March. That trip is only 16 days away now! My beard is tingling just thinking about it.

Now you will

Roll Out


I have been swimming and biking and running a lot lately. Are you tired of hearing about it? Good, because I have so much more to say about it… Well, maybe not “so much more.” But I am sure that I will have some

Training on a Trainer


Raise your hand if there is snow on the ground where you are OR there has been snow on the ground where you are in the very recent past…

I counted at least 1200 hands. Some of those may have been the same person