2013 Try Charleston 70.3


I will go ahead and warn you that this might very well be the longest post I have ever made. I thought about breaking it up into two posts, but what the hey. This is the crowning achievement of my active life. I want

Heavy Hearted Finish


Hey guys. Let me start by showing you this…

I did it. I finished the Try Charleston 70.3.  Not only did I finish, but I placed 3rd in my division. But there were only three in my division, so…

I will write a

35 is Half of 70.3


So did you hear? I turned 35 yesterday. That is almost my mid thirties.

You know what I gave myself for my birthday this year?

That’s right.


As my long time shareholders will know, it was only a short time ago that

Boston Marathon 4-15-2013


Where do I even start this?

I am writing this post for two reasons. 1) For posterity. 2) As a reminder to speak honestly, openly and frequently to the people who have influence in and on your life.

I was driving home from work



You guys remember when I used to be funny? Oh. Well never mind then.

This was going to start out as a funny post about me writing a blog post about a dream I had about me writing a blog post about a dream. But

Two Weeks Until Try Charleston 70.3


Oh you guys…

I have two weeks until the Try Charleston 70.3 triathlon.  I have a flood of emotions storming through me.  Nervous. Excited. Scared. Thrilled. Am I ready? What if I can’t do it? Why did I sign up for this? Oh

World Class Runner


Hey folks.  Triathlon training is whipping me. My 70.3 race is now less than 3 weeks away and I am nervous, stoked, scared, thrilled…all of it. I go to bed at like 9:30 these days. And that cuts into my post writing, seeing as