3rd Quarter Stock Report

So I “officially” started this quest in May 2011, but I started thinking about it in April. So that means that I started the first month of the second quarter of the year. In this venture, a loss is actually a profit. You guys, the readers of this blog, are my stockholders.  This is an accountability and progress report for the 3rd quarter of 2011.

Can I convince you that it is a bull market for the business of losing weight?

The 3rd quarter of 2011, as predicted by the key economic indicators alluded to in the previous stock report, was another quarter of loss, which in turn is a quarter of profit.  So on my 3rd quarter profit and loss statement, I put the losses in the profit column. I love this kind of accounting!

At the beginning of the 3rd quarter I weighed in around 298 pounds. I have one more weigh in before the end of this quarter, which will hopefully find me under 270.  My weight loss has definitely started to taper down, but that is to be expected in a long term weight loss campaign. So far I have lost 31.2 pounds in the 3rd quarter with an overall total of  64 pounds.  Seems that something I am doing is working.

My average pound per week loss has dropped to 3.2 but I am not going to complain. Well, I might complain a little.  I still like that number being 4 pounds per week. But hey, what’s a brother gonna do?  Remember how arrogant I was in my last stock report?  Here is a quote, “My goal over the next quarter is to average over 5 pounds per week.  Hold me to that.”  Ummm.  Well that DID NOT happen.  Not sure what I was thinking.  It may have been all of the sugar leaving my body, or the fatigue from seriously hard workouts. Or it could have just been simple ignorance. Let’s go with ignorance, shall we?

I have posted about how I am not really feeling much different, so I won’t cover that again.  I will just say that I WISH I felt different, desperately. It would make the pushing forward that I am doing much easier. I really haven’t had a ton of problems thus far, and have actually had fun with the challenge.  However, I am feeling the pressure now and have been for about a week and a half. I think there are many factors, half of which are not even related to my weigh loss deal, that are weighing on me (hehe). Regardless, I find myself not wanting to do cardio and I find myself thinking about eating A LOT. I thought I had shaken the emotional desire to eat when I didn’t know what else to do, but I feel that tug once again. I am going to have to start countering that by doing some woodworking or something else.

Here is a recap of things that have helped me to be successful over the past 20 weeks.

1. MyFitnessPal.com – I have been using this website to track my weight and keep a food diary.  I use it religiously and I write down everything that I eat.  You are able to set your calorie goal here and it helps you to track your consumption throughout the day.

2. Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor – This has become one of my best friends. A heart rate monitor helps you know how many calories you burn during exercise or whatever.  There are a lot of products out there that do not take into account your age, height, weight, etc.  This one does all of that and then also has a chest strap that gives a more accurate heart rate.  This helps me know what I am burning during my exercise sessions. I love this thing.

3. Digital Body Fat Scale – I haven’t had this very long but I feel that it is going to be one more tool to give me the advantage over my weight. Not only does it give my weight, it also gives my body fat, lean muscle, water weight percentage and bone density.  If nothing else, the body fat percentage and the lean mass percentage are something that will help me track my actual health.

4. Orgain Protein Shake – While this drink was developed, I think, to be a meal replacement shake, I use it as a protein shake.  I only drink it after a heavy exercise session to help my body replenish certain nutrients and have the protein help rebuild muscle.  While there may be other shakes or protein supplements out there with less calories, I do not think there is a better nutritionally sound product.

5. Perky Turkey Jerky – This, I have found, is a fantastic snack to eat between meals.  It tastes awesome and helps me get through the day.  If you haven’t found a snack that you can tear into between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner, give this a shot.

So enough shameless promotion. Here are some goals for the last quarter of the year.

Keep losing weight.
Stop complaining.

One of those seems viable. What do you think will happen?



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