Challenges: Anger vs. Weight Management

I have not had a lot of time to research this but I am assuming I will find similar stories out there.  Please let me know if this is something that has affected you.

I know that I am doing something drastic to my body with my new exercise routine and eating habits.  And I thought that the only affect it was having was hopefully weight loss. But I have been noticing something a little disturbing lately.

Over the past two weeks I have felt myself gradually feeling more and more angry for no reason.  I am typically a pretty even-keeled person. At least I think I am. But I have dealt with weird anger issues in the past. For some reason lately I am finding myself feeling aggressive and quick to anger like I used to get.  It is a bit disturbing because I have fought off being the kind of person who flies off the cuff and yells and fusses for no reason.  I have snapped at least twice over the past week (at a loved one no less) for the stupidest reasons.  I thought for a second that maybe it had something to do with the niacin supplements that I am taking, but I actually found out that a LACK of niacin can cause irritation and aggression.  Well it’s not that.  I am guessing it has something to do with maybe some sort of fat or sugar withdrawal?  Like when a smoker quits and then is irritable for the next week. Two weeks. Two Months. A year…Who knows.  I hate it though.  It makes me feel angry just thinking about how easily angry I have been getting.  But I also have been feeling like maybe people are mad at me for no reason too.  What the hell is wrong with my head! Maybe I need to eat more foods that produce serotonin.

Well I am hoping that once my body gets used to my new lifestyle that the aggression and irritably will subside. Is there anyone out there that can give me comfort in this? Please assure me that it will subside…

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  • Hannah

    i’ve heard that omega 3 fatty acid helps with mood swings but it has to have a higher epa than dha.

    • hank

      Hannah-B I have been eating the hell out of sushi (lots of tuna and salmon) AND I am taking fish oil supplements! Maybe I should take more!

  • Could be more than nutritional issues.

    For me, eating and taste are entertainment and satisfaction. If I take away something that is giving me pleasure and solace and comfort, then I am taking away something that calms me and soothes me – and my need for calming and soothing doesn’t go away. So my emotional deficit goes up, and I get cranky.

    Part of the solution is seeing it for what it is: using food as emotional medicine is not healthy. I’m overall better off breaking the link between eating and emotional comfort. But part of the solution is also realizing that because I am human I need emotional comfort and satisfaction. I just need to find other ways to get it.

    I know that feeling like I’m in control of my own life has been one source of satisfaction. I get satisfaction from seeing how my efforts pay off. I am making other lifestyle choices and changes as well, and starting to do what I like and I’m stopping the things I don’t like, including putting up with other people who think because I’m easy going I have no needs & therefore can put up with their emotional junk.

    We need to satisfy several needs/cravings. Food is one, but so is emotional connection.

  • your wife

    good points, Stephen

  • hank

    I should check into what insurance will cover…

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