Challenging ShayCarl to a Mud Run

Most of you are like, “Who the hell is this Shay Carl character anyway?”

It doesn’t matter.
But let me tell you why it matters.

Shay is one of the most subscribed to people on YouTube. He has several channels but the one that I stumbled upon when I first started getting interested in YouTube (about two months ago…so I am behind the curve as well as you…) is his ShayLoss Channel. I realized that Shay and I have several things in common. We even sort of look alike. (Although he shaved his beard this week…Darn him.)

Shay was already a popular vlogger on YT when he decided that he needed to lose weight. And so he did.  He was a fairly hefty fellow as the below before and after picture will show you. He lost over 100 pounds in a year. And he did it while millions (yes. millions.) watched online. He has become an inspiration for a lot of people.

Well after losing over 100 pounds he ran a marathon about a week ago. His daily vlog showed his wife getting really emotional and he had clips of his “fat” self talking about the motivation it was taking to get fit. It was VERY moving. It literally moved me to tears. But I am a crybaby…so I digress. I talked about in my blog about the Rugged Maniac Mud Run, about how emotional I got after the adrenaline wore off. I had accomplished something that I NEVER EVER thought I would do. But I did. And it made me cry. Don’t judge me. Only Judy can judge me.

So fast forward 30 seconds.

I want Shay Carl to run a mud run with me. He has a marathon under his belt and he is planning another, but I want to run a mud run WITH Shay. Call it a man crush. Call it bromance. Call it just wanting to do something epic with someone you admire. But what ever you do, call it into action.

Here is another thing, Shay. Let’s make this bigger than us! Let’s do it for a good cause. Let’s raise money for a charity that desperately needs it in this economic downturn. How about Louie’s Kids? Shay, let’s run a mud run together and raise as much money as possible for an organization that treats childhood obesity! Come on Shay, whattya say?

Well loyal readers I have to ask you for something now…


Shay is a big deal online. He probably has leather bound books and his house, I am sure, smells of rich mahogany.  So how can I, only the coolest undiscovered talent in the world wide interwebz, get him to step up to the plate. I have tried sending him messages on Twitter. I have even made a video which I will post at the end of this blog. But alas there has been no response.

So here is what I need you to do…

PLEASE click this Twitter link if you are on Twitter:
I think @shaycarl should do a mud run with @losing100lbs. It will be EPIC! Do it for the kids Shay!!! #HankShayMudRun

PLEASE share this blog post using all of the available sharing methods below.
That includes but is not limited to Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, SmokeSignals, what ever.
And then go watch the video below.
And share it and thumbs up it and favorite it and all that jazz!
Help me at least annoy the crap out of him until he either gives in or tells me to go away.

Will you do it for the children?


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