The Business of Changing Directions


Well hello you fine fellows. I hope this post finds you well.

As you can see, I have not posted in a while. Life has thrown some interesting obstacles in my way recently.

I have not been training for any races and I have not been writing ANYTHING because of this. The long story moderately short is that I am in the process of separating from my business partner and divesting the small business portfolio that we have built over the past 10 years. It is not an easy thing to do and in all reality it sucks.

I have tried to stay motivated to write about the stress involved and how it is affecting my new healthy lifestyle, but I haven’t. Everything has been a bit overwhelming and in all honesty a lot of what is going on has caused me to lose interest in continuing this site. But I think that is probably stressed induced and not necessarily the way I actually feel.

But I still wanted to give this bit of an update. I am going to set this as a sticky post so that any new visitors to the site know what is going on as well.

I have been writing here for 2 1/2 years now and I am not 100% sure how much more I have to say. It started as an introduction to my weight loss and it evolved through my weight journey into a motivational site and then a place for me to talk about racing triathlon. I am not sure that I have daily, weekly or even monthly value to add here any more.

With that being said, I AM CONSIDERING writing a book. Something that talks about where I came from, what the root causes for my obesity were, how I overcame that, and how other people can as well. This is just a thought, but it is a thought that I can see myself pursuing.

I will be checking in here and posting some updates but they may be few and far between at this point. I just don’t want you guys to give up on me and I don’t want you to feel like I am giving up on you.  I would love any feedback that you have and to be honest, I would love to know that you are still out there and want to know what I am up to.  Is that selfish? Probably. But I have enjoyed you being a part of my life in a significant way for the past several years and I can’t bear to throw the switch and just cut that off.

So there you have it for now folks.

Beast Face, out.




6 comments to The Business of Changing Directions

  • I was just thinking about you guys a couple days ago and wondered why I hadn’t seen you here.

  • It’s understandable brotha. Its hard to write anything when you are not feeling it anymore.

  • Allison

    I was literally thinking about your site yesterday, and wondering if somehow it got deleted from my feed. Meant to check up on you. I have struggled with weight my whole life, and finally found a groove with (mostly) healthy eating and regular exercise about five years ago. I think you are a kind of local “biggest loser.”
    From blogs I have followed, I do think most bloggers go through initially writing a lot, and then feeling like they don’t want to write as much anymore.

  • Sheri

    Been missing your posts! I would enjoy reading some posts about how you’re dealing with stress, because that is something I truly stink at. Are you gaining weight back? Losing? Sticking to your healthy lifestyle? How???
    Hope everything works out for you, Hank. Good luck!!

  • So I found your site looking for some direction or motivation or something to help me do even better. What I found was a fellow Appalachian State Grad (based on the shirt you are wearing in one of your posts) and a fellow 300+lb clubber who is having a really hard time.

    So a little about me. I found one your blogs while searching “Overweight Triathlon training”. On April 23rd, 2014 I weighed in at 361.6 and knew that if I didn’t do something serious I would soon be dead. I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t play with my kids, and I could barely walk. I got focused, joined Weight Watchers, and started focusing on doing a triathlon with my twin 11 year olds (both of which have been doing tri’s since they were 6). Here I am about 5 months later and I’m now at 275 and just finished a 1400 yard swim. Tomorrow I will run 3 miles and bike 14 miles and then repeat that 3 times this week. My goal is to run that first tri in April (by which time I’ll hit 200 lbs.) and I know I’m going to make it.

    Hank I read this in your April blog:

    “I decided not to stop and quit. I decided that I would never forgive myself for giving up. I realized that I was NOT going to PR, but it suddenly hit me that it didn’t matter. Realizing that it did not matter that I was not going to PR is what did it for me. I was able to shift from a dark and nasty mental place into a place that said, “Damnit Hank! You will shuffle, or walk, or crawl, or roll, but you ARE GOING to finish that race!” I hit the set of hills again and walked up them. I didn’t care. Then I looked around me. I was not the only one walking BY FAR. I made sure to take full advantage of every single aid station. I was pouring ice down the back of my tri suit and I was mixing water and Perform drink and taking in as much as I could. I was inching my way there. I ended up walking with a few different groups of people at a few different times and having fun little chats about how, no matter what, we were going to finish. I kept going and I came to the end of the second loop. I ran through the chutes again for as long as I could and then I hit the hell hills for the final time. I knew that I was going to make it by then and my attitude had completely shifted. I was happy. I was as alert as I could be. I still hurt all over, but it didn’t matter. I was going to finish.”

    And you did finish and it hurt like hell and you were tired for days but you finished. And your kids were proud of their dad. And no matter what else, that’s what really matters. I know, I’m there now. Some day’s it’s hard to eat right. It’s hard to put in that first mile of 400 yards. The job stress, personal stress, kid stress, sucks. But when your daughter says, “boy dad, I remember when I couldn’t get my arms around you to give you a hug” you remember why you do all this crap in the first place.

    So, my advice to you is do something positive for yourself. Swim, Bike, Run, or just play tag with your kids. But get back to it before you wake up one day and truly regret letting it all go. I know. I lost 75 or more pounds at least 3 other times in my life. Every time I started a new diet I thought, boy I wish I hadn’t put all that back on, I could be at goal weight by now. Yep, stress got to me. I got tired of watch what I eat every day, I couldn’t face that 12-24 month journey. Don’t let that be you. Write that next blog, plan that next healthy meal, target that next race, and remind yourself “Damnit Hank! You will shuffle, or walk, or crawl, or roll, but you ARE GOING to finish that race!”

    Good luck and see you at the finish line.

  • Brandon

    Just found your site yesterday while searching for fat guy triathlons and have spent quite a while reading through all the posts. It’s changed me as a person and opened my eyes to many things and for that I hope to one day meet and thank you. Like myself there are many people that think this kind of lifestyle is just for super humans beemed down from some other planet. It’s only through educating people like myself that future generations and processes will change. You are a true inspiration and role model. You don’t find many people in this world like that, at least I don’t. Please keep it up and know you are doing something for more than yourself and it goes so far beyond just writing a couple articles. Some people need to see change to know it’s possible. Hope to see you on the starting line or for that matter the finish line someday. It will be a difficult journey for me and a total lifestyle reboot, but I’ve strapped on the blinders and it’s all up hill from here.

    Thanks again,

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