Chas Half Mary Approaches

So, somehow when I posted my upcoming race schedule, I left off my first event of the year.


Not sure why I failed to mention what I have basically been training for since the end of October.

On Saturday I will be running the Charleston Half Marathon, which will be the first time I have run 13.1 miles outside of my first half ironman triathlon this past April. I have been working with my coach in the triathlon off-season to improve my run capabilities and Saturday will be the first competitive test of that training. I know that I am no scalded dog, but I plan to put up a time that will be much better than my 3:02 half-mary during the Try Charleston 70.3.

I keep going back and forth between really nervous and really excited to be back in the mix.

I still have these really emo thoughts (probably more often than is healthy) where I question why I am even doing any of this. I know that it is still a struggle with my former lethargic self and I keep trying to press through it.

It is hard to believe that less than 3 years ago I was at a point in my life where I never thought I would know what it was like to buy pants off the rack again.

I went from working a 5k…


to running a Half-Mary…


Crazy stuff…


2 comments to Chas Half Mary Approaches

  • I think you will do great at the half marathon on Saturday and look forward to seeing you PR based on your training paces :). Plus, that half marathon was at the end of a tri, so you were fatigued from the swim and bike going into it- this one is the race only so you can focus 100% on that.

    It’s amazing and very inspiring to see and compare the pictures of your transformation. Best wishes on Saturday and I will see you there :).

  • Katie
    Twitter: katie_lf

    You can do it!! Enjoy the race. Have fun.

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